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  1. Alicia:

    That which you seek, you will never find.

    Don’t actively look for it.
    It is what it is. Let it be that.

  2. Drew:


  3. bsf:

    surround yourself with people who you love, who love you back and appreciate you for who you are. Don’t ever try to be someone you’re not.

  4. Christine:

    love, fun, risks, and trying new things. staying away from negative people and things and forgiving and forgetting the unneeded. live life with no regrets and every mistake is a new lesson. this is the key to happiness

  5. Anon:

    Anything and everything that you feel is important and being yourself don’t change for anyone or anything.

  6. Wesley:

    There isn’t one key, but an infinitely long key chain.
    It may change from day to day or from person to person.
    If you think there is just one and keep trying it, happiness may never be found.

  7. Ana:

    Value the little things

  8. Heather:

    I agree with Ana. I read that question and the first thing that came to mind was the little things. Kudos to you Ana

  9. Amisha:

    Contentment….when your happy inside…your happy outside…

  10. Sera Smiles:

    Recognizing that “happiness” is a state of mind, not a target or destination, and that living your purpose is a key to serenity, which can serve as a target or destination.

  11. Blink:

    Positive attitude. Happiness comes from you. The worst thing in the world to you, may be the best to someone else. There is always at least one positive thing from everything that happens. If you find that and hold on to it, no one else can take it away and you can be happy. There is nothing wrong in feeling sadness regarding a situation, but it’s the happiness you take from it that matters.

  12. Deb:

    Always believe in yourself. If you can do it,you can make the difference.

  13. Laila:


  14. to choose it

  15. kp:

    Learning to accept life with its goods and its bads, and realizing that you have no control over what others do and say – that you can control you and how you perceive/ react to a situation- & that. is. it.

  16. Ria:


  17. vcm:

    you determine your own happiness.

  18. name required:

    my studio key.

  19. pnog:

    I like the way one of my favourite books put it. Want everything, need nothing. If you’re always crazily striving for happiness you tend to not be happy, and as well just the act of looking for it makes the statement that you don’t have it to start with. At the same time not trying to improve your life and automatically accepting your current situation as perfect or living with the bear minimum is not very fulfilling or rewarding either. So you should always try to get or do more, but when it doesn’t work out just think “cool. I guess it’s not going to happen. Good thing I’m already happy. I wonder if there’s something else I can aim for to increase my happiness”
    A lot of this ties in with things people have already said: appreciate the small things, have people with out and treasure them, etc…

  20. V3nD1:

    Freedom indeed.

  21. Viks:

    Happiness is relative. There is no set “key” to it as the “lock” changes according to the circumstances.

  22. Amanda:

    A positive attitude. And still being in awe of the little things. Finding that equal balance between selfishness and selflessness is also equality important.

  23. Jayne:

    Someone, anyone to share that happiness with. Doesn’t matter who. We can’t do it alone.


  25. Karina:

    Peaceful mind 🙂

  26. F3x:

    Don’t search for it.

  27. Danielle:

    Do what you enjoy. Aim to work towards things that please you. Which can include doing things for other people.

  28. Julia:

    Being comfortable with who you are.

  29. erika:

    Don’t look for it, let it find you.

  30. Kayla:


  31. love yourself first!

  32. jes:

    Stop looking for it.

  33. lachhman:

    i m happy when other is happy

  34. Liking yourself today.

  35. Catherine:

    to learn to see past life’s imperections

  36. Catherine:

    ^like that one 😉

  37. Justin:

    You say it all

  38. Alice:

    the key to happiness is having all the parts of the key working together in harmony.

  39. Lyn:

    Stop caring about what others think. Just be yourself and do what you want to do. And if they don’t like you, not your fault.

  40. Ashley:

    Living how you want to.

  41. Old-fasioned Girl:

    Having things right with God and your fellow men

  42. amy:

    doing the right things, thats the key

  43. Tiana:

    making sure its your definition of happiness.

  44. Rayton:

    enjoying the little details and valuing yourself well.

  45. Alex:

    Being true to yourself and who you truly are.

  46. Breutanan:

    For me it was learning to forgive and let go of grudges.

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