Question 612

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  1. kp:

    As a future clinical psychologist,:

    When you are not capable of (or no longer capable of) looking at an individual as a human being. When intelligence impedes your ability to empathize with someone. When you no longer have an appreciation for the human connection & the empathy to acknowledge the suffering that mankind goes through- when your drive for intelligence and your craving for knowledge becomes a black hole, engulfing everything that it comes into contact with…

  2. Ria:

    When you’re trying to get a job.

  3. Anon:

    when you’re in love

  4. Angria:

    Faith. Whether in a human or your god.

  5. Pat:

    When it makes you a horrible person with no regards to other people’s feelings and to social norms.

  6. sarah:

    when you need comfort from someone and all they have for you is logic

  7. Inge:

    When it comes to love.

  8. bsf:

    you can’t go through life with only intelligence. you need to know more than just things that can be proven. you need friends and family and people who look out for you.

  9. Deb:

    When you have to show who you really are because I think Intelligence is not what you really are, is just what you think you are.

  10. Roxy:

    My mom once knew someone who was fluent in 14 languages, but could never hold a conversation. Intelligence is useless without the skills required to apply it.

  11. Heather:

    In love

  12. Laila:

    emotional issues

  13. Jayne:

    Hope. Knowing that something better is going to come your way has nothing to do with how intelligent you are.

  14. pnog:
  15. pnog:
  16. mingmiing:

    Intelligence is not enough on choosing for who to love. we don’t need to be intellectually perfect on choosing for the person we must love because the heart has a mind of its own and it can decide weather to love someone or to leave someone.

  17. Drew:

    Sometimes you just need to feel.

  18. F3x:

    When you talk to major part of Republicans and Christians.

  19. Danielle:

    When you have a horrible personality

  20. Cory:


  21. Julia:

    When kindness is required. You don’t have to be intelligence to be moralistically driven.

  22. i dont know but i know that just intellegence divide so right between human because everybody think that have enough wise

  23. Sandy:

    When there is no social/ interpersonal intelligence.

  24. jes:

    I agree with sarah. If all you’re giving me is logic as to why things are better off this way…. you can quite honestly go fuck yourself. That’s not what I need, and you know it.

  25. Kierra:

    When you don’t apply it/

  26. saleem:

    when overcome by love or fear

  27. kris:

    Having a high level of intelligence doens’t mean much if you don’t know how to love and respect the people around you.

  28. jajan ko:

    Whhen it’s too much…..

  29. jajan ko:

    When it’s too much..

  30. amy:

    When your happy doing the wrong thing instead of the right thing

  31. Alex:

    When reasoning and love needs to be inputted as well.

  32. betty:

    When common sense is lacking.

  33. hexmage:

    When you ask a question intelligence cannot hope to answer. So in every instance where emotion is the topic.

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