Question 613

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40 Responses to “Question 613”

  1. Heather:


  2. Anon:

    life and family

  3. AJ:


  4. Angria:

    My horse and my field of study/eventual career.

  5. Kat:

    Music, and being in my boyfriends arms

  6. Ezgi:

    Love and creativity


    2. LOVE (Sex Including lol)


  8. Video games and creativity

  9. Doctor Who and comfort food

  10. May:

    Laughter & Love

  11. Drew:

    Imagination and thoughts.
    And chocolate.

  12. Wesley:

    Time, definitely time.
    Anything else I can’t get enough of sort of stems from the lack of time for it.

  13. Johnathan:

    The two things I can’t get enough of are love and Freedom
    P.S. Thank you to all of our soldiers who died for our country

  14. F3x:

    My Love and photography.

  15. Laila:

    love and film

  16. Two magical things – friendship and sunshine (which are the very same thing to be honest).

  17. Julia:

    I can never get enough of music. It is what shapes me, and takes me onto a journey. Every day, I look forward to the windows of time that I am able to listen to my heart’s content.

    I can never get enough of love. I’m always falling in love left and right, because my heart knows what it likes and it finds it very quickly. I’m not saying that I love everyone and say the same stuff, I’m actually very choosy. But since I know what I want, it’s easier to find someone I’m interested in.

  18. Danielle:

    tumblr and sleep

  19. Mike:

    Oreos and 2% milk

  20. Michelle:

    love and laughter 🙂

  21. greed

  22. pnog:

    life and time – because with those two things you can get anything else.

  23. Purpose and conviction

  24. CesarioViola:

    Music and fascination with certain people.

  25. erika:

    time and nature

  26. jes:

    Music & Love. In my mind, those two things are linked. Without one, I can’t have the other.

  27. Amanda B:

    Kissing and Smiling

  28. Xtina:

    Music-i dont even know how to explain why or how much i love it. Theres a song and lyrics for every mood I have and it just helps get me through everyday.

    Love-the many different types-friendship, family, new friends, old friends, significant other. (this includes cuddling, being in someones arms just makes me feel so happy and safe)

  29. My family and friends.

  30. Denise:

    Love and Peace! Live Love and Peace!

  31. saleem:

    my 3 children

  32. lonely girl:

    family and friend 🙂

  33. yo yo:

    Love and affection from my girl, and the rest of my life.

  34. Alice:

    hugs and unfortunately money.

  35. amy:


  36. maria:


  37. Alex:


  38. TB:

    her and laughter. <3

  39. ellie:


  40. Alex:

    Music and True Friendship.

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