Question 614

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29 Responses to “Question 614”

  1. Sera Smiles:

    Abuse and Intolerance.

  2. Anon:

    my parents being together

  3. Wesley:

    Bedtimes. I miss actually getting that much sleep, but I do not miss being forced to go to bed at a certain time every night.

  4. big bang:

    wasting my time , shy

  5. living together with other people… too much confusion

  6. Heather:

    my adoptive mother
    fake friends

  7. Kat:

    my abusive ex

  8. I'm Just Saying:

    My virginity.

  9. Anonymous:

    My ex-boyfriend.

  10. Mike:

    My innocence

  11. Renee.:

    My abusive ex of two years. My abusive ex-stepmother of 6 years. My depression. The cutting, carving and starving. The feelings of being alone and unloved. Feeling overweight and ugly. Watching my dad deteriorate from marijuana. Crying every night. The suicidal attempts and thoughts. Feeling ‘weird’ because I was smarter than everyone else. Being hurt by people that told me they loved me. The vomiting due to terrifying anxiety attacks. Being afraid to trust. Being afraid to love.

    It got better. After 16 long years, it got better. I was afraid it would never get better…

  12. Danni:


  13. erika:

    my old school and all the shit head people who go there

  14. kp:

    ex boyfriend, fake friends

  15. Alice:

    my old lifestyle

  16. jes:

    My verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive father. My addiction. Fake friends who bailed when things got bad. My abusive brother. The last twelve years of schooling I’ve had (can anyone say ‘useless’?).

  17. Alexandra:


  18. pnog:

    my own social awkwardness and lack of confidence. Other than that, I’d say the past was all good times.

  19. Danielle:

    Constantly thinking of suicide

  20. Justin:

    the first two years of high school

  21. yo yo:

    being a Christian

  22. 18gIRL.:

    Believing in different stuff that I shouldn’t have believed in.

  23. Kinza:

    Certain people

  24. Lo':

    Hearing every day of my life that I am “a piece of shit”, that I’m “fuckin stupid/ugly/etc.” & that she wishes she’d had an abortion instead of having me.

  25. amy:

    childhood days

  26. maria:


  27. Alex:

    The hate

  28. Dawn:

    Being part of a pair….

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