Question 615

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  1. Sandy:

    Passion for a worthy cause.

  2. Sammy:


  3. Amanda:


  4. Alicia:

    A common goal or a common enemy

  5. erika:


  6. S:

    Maths (surprisingly enough)

  7. Sports, food, common interests, common goals, common fights,

  8. jes:

    Grief, tragedy, music, love.

  9. Richard:

    Love, difficult situations

  10. Sera Smiles:

    Hope for a better future.

  11. Alexandra:


  12. Green Knight:

    I’m surprised no one said this yet: drinking. Sadly enough, drinking always brings people together.

  13. susan:


  14. Laila:

    enemies, love, passion.

  15. pnog:

    I believe that times of hardship and struggle and bring people together. I hope that is the end result after all of the environmental disasters to come in the next century. I think we’ll either team up as a human race to overcome the obstacles, or will degrade to war in order to fight for resources / quality of life. Please let it be the first one.

  16. Heather:


  17. Gracie:

    Music. Love. Food

  18. Kawwww:

    Jesus Christ

  19. ebbe:

    difficult times

  20. I believe one of the many ways you can promote bringing people together is by the simple act of being upbeat, complimentary and encouraging. In other words, it promotes a good atmosphere that people can enjoy.

    And speaking of that… nice idea on the questions!

    May you and those you love have a great week,


  21. Blink:

    Singing, group events, trials and tribulations, cooking, team sports. Also, fire.

    I’ve notice that any fire (in a none tragic sense) brings people together. Candles, camp fires, bonfires. Sitting deep in conversation is a wonderful thing, but when it’s around a fire there seems to be a simple sense of inner and outer warmth and calm that makes the situation calm, relaxed and free. It’s a human simplicity that never seems to fail.

  22. Danielle:


  23. Dhiren:

    Football , Weddings.

    I must say i really like your idea on thought questions. Keep up the good work 🙂

  24. Justin:


  25. The power of Jesus Christ. I am dead serious. Me and my best friend of 4 years would not be friends right now if it wasnt for the power and love of Jesus Christ. He brought us so close and now we both have someone accountable for each others actions.

  26. Ael:


  27. LaChandra Montgomery:


  28. Kinza:

    this is a hard one.

  29. Alice:

    the loss of a friend.

  30. Lyn:

    Harry Potter, Doctor Who, The Vlogbrother…. So basically, a love for something. Fandoms bring people together.

  31. Kalie:

    tragedy and music

  32. Ashlee:


  33. amy:


  34. Kat:

    Death; in my circle of friends, we’ve lost two loved ones in the past year, and we all called each other and this amazing support network showed itself thru all the loss.

  35. Alex:

    Music <3

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