Question 618

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  1. Lockleigh:

    Talking to people and not running out of conversation after thirty seconds.

  2. Angria:

    Trusting others. Faith. Having hope.

  3. Mike:

    @ Lockleigh: Ditto. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  4. Anon:

    expressing my feelings with people i keep them bottled up until i just explode, trusting people sometimes even my best friends, and the internet

  5. Heather:

    hearing other people speaking poorly of their mothers because their mothers care too much.

  6. Justin:

    Being around people that are common but always have small talks with them and not being around with friends I can talk deeply with as much as I wanted to. The reason why we never hang out often was because we were so busy or we know if we hang out every day, we would probably have nothing to talk about or to update. Which gives me hope because it is rare, beautiful, and worth the wait to hang out with friends like that

  7. Following group conversations T_T

  8. Motivation

  9. Megan:

    Trying new things and going into situations I’m not entirely comfortable with.

  10. Chelsea Nicole:

    Trusting other people enough to open up. That or talking to large crowds.

  11. Kawwww:

    ahhh having a boyfrd is so hard for me. I just cant forget him and move forward.

  12. whereImat:


  13. ankita:

    singing confidently infront of everyone

  14. Rachel:

    loosing a pet…It was a complete trauma for me..

  15. Luci:


  16. I dont know if it is, but it feels like its harder for me to be happy.

  17. Laila:

    Opening up. Being content.

  18. Ang:

    Talking about my emotions whilst keeping it together. Just can’t do it!

  19. Jones:

    Getting over a breakup. Its been 2 years…..

  20. Sam:

    Being truly happy and accepting myself.

  21. pnog:

    admitting I am wrong / don’t know something. Not being jealous of other people’s accomplishments.

  22. 18gIRL.:

    Rejection, was only rejected once, and never want it to happen again.

  23. Kinza:

    letting go after getting attached. to a friend. to an object. to a pet. its just way too hard.

  24. erika:

    showing how i really feel. i hide it all the time

  25. Lo':

    Trusting in people, believing in myself.

  26. Danielle:

    Talking to people I don’t know.

  27. Alice:

    -not being shy

    -not being so afraid of everything

    -being myself

  28. A.:

    talking in public.

  29. catie:

    seeing people being treated unfairly

  30. Alicia:

    Connecting with people. It happens very rarely, as I’m very picky about my friends. On the rare occasion I do “click” with someone, it’s on an intellectual level. Rarer still is an emotional connection. It’s always been either one or the other, and it’s much easier for me to connect with someone intellectually. Talk to me about philosophy, ethics, politics, literature, science, news, ideas, math, academia, language, culture, history, art…I can hold a conversation really comfortably.

    In over 20 years, there’s been only 1 case of both an intellectual and emotional connection.

  31. Nicole:

    Living Life

  32. Catherine:

    telling people my problems

  33. TP:

    Accepting helplessness and being at peace with an unwanted situation.

  34. ankita:


  35. amy:

    It is really hard for me to express what I really feel. Also its hard for me to communicate with them and also trusting people.

  36. Alex:

    Being outgoing.
    I’m a very shy person

  37. Rayton:

    Having great conversations and conversing in general, and guess tht also to expres myself as well as way I like to.

  38. Bethany:

    Making new friends

  39. Jed:

    believing that i have a future.

  40. Caine:

    trusting other people

  41. Jason B:

    believing in the human race and trusting people

  42. hexmage:

    Being at peace.

  43. Melanie:

    Opening up to someone.

  44. hexmage:

    Knowing when to cut my losses or when to let go and move on.

  45. Joleen:

    Loving myself

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