Question 619

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  1. sasha:

    Content and happy with my life and who I’m with.

  2. Drew:

    Peace and wisdom.

  3. Lye:

    I wish happiness and peace for my future self, more than anything.

  4. Anon:

    to find true love, be happy for others and myself, and to have money

  5. Sam:

    True happiness.

  6. Heather:

    In my future, near or far, I wish to be content and in control.

  7. To find peace.

  8. Be able to settle down and live peacefully

  9. Laura:

    Confidence in myself, and happiness and satisfaction with what I’ve accomplished.

  10. Laila:

    I wish that I will look back and truly be proud of who I’ve become, regardless of the road that took me there.

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  12. pnog:

    There’s been a lot of people throwing around “happy” but I like the sound of ” being at peace” better.

  13. Emelia:

    I wish, in whatever field I find myself in, to stay an artist, stay brave, and no matter what, never let the world crush my inner child.

  14. I wish that he only over likes who he is so that he loves what he does so that he adores living as he lives.

  15. Bluejay:

    Be what and all God had for me from the time He created me.

  16. Rachel:


  17. Lo':

    For my future self, I wish happiness and “to love and be loved in return”.

  18. Sera Smiles:

    Serenity and a sense of purpose.

  19. Danielle:


  20. Alice:


  21. Mary:

    That I may have courage through the fear and that I may always be able to find a light in the darkness.

  22. catie:

    that im genuinley happy with everything in my life

  23. Alicia:

    My future self, I wish you inner peace, time to run and read and write, independence, freedom, stability, security, and love.

  24. Blink:


  25. T:

    Peace, love and happiness.

  26. A fulfilled life with love, laughter, travel and friendship.

  27. Caitlyn W:


  28. Mitzy:

    To be happy!

  29. B:

    To not have any regrets.

  30. amy:

    I know in time I can surpass this burden I am carrying and that someday Im gonna make my family really proud.

  31. Priyank:

    Happy with my love(girl I love)and family

  32. Kat:

    Success, stability, happiness, and love, are the things I wish for.

  33. Alex:

    I want to be happy.

  34. Rayton:

    fulfill my potential and enjoy the great potential of living and of the world.

  35. Courtney:

    I hope my future self fulfilled everything I/she wanted to do; been happy and made others happy, changed the world and someone’s world, love and been loved, been the best that she could be & more, had no regrets, enjoyed life, cried a lot, overcame hardships, see the world and been on a CEREAL BOX!

  36. Jessica:

    True Happiness. No B.S. Just be happy

  37. hexmage:

    I hope my future self isn’t disappointed in the actions I’ve been taking and plan to take.

  38. Claire:

    To be able to stand up for myself!

  39. annya:

    happiness to the bursting point

  40. Joleen:

    That everything I wish for comes true and that I never stop dreaming.

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