Question 621

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  1. Danielle:

    That people who are my friends now annoy the crap out of me with how annoying and immature they are. And that people have issues with me but aren’t willing to talk to me about it face-to-face.

  2. Heather:

    I feel like my life is standing still. I want to go experience, and enjoy the life I have but nothing is happening and I don’t know how to kick start that reaction.
    I feel alone even though I am almost always surrounded by people.
    I realized that I have less friends than I thought I did, but the friends I do have mean the world to me.
    I wish I had more time to sit back and relax instead of my go go go lifestyle with work and school.

  3. Anonymous:

    Enrolling into a University.

  4. Morgan:

    A friend of mine flirting with my boyfriend. I feel like a jealous idiot and I don’t know how to stop it. I know he loves me, but she’s getting in the way and making me very uncomfortable with what she says.

  5. Christine:

    the people who i thought were my friends… but really aren’t.

  6. sasha:

    -the fact that i’m still hurt by the breakup and he’s constantly on my mind, and not in a good way. and the fact that he’ll be in town in about a week and half. wondering how i can avoid him for two weeks.

  7. Angria:

    Applying to grad schools. I know I will be continually stressed out until I hear from them.

  8. Anon:

    that my best friend is changing and doing all this stuff and it makes me scared that she is going to do something crazy and end up spiraling out of control..

  9. Anonymous:

    Everything is bothering me… my mom and her depression, the fact that I don’t have my own place, that I can’t seem to get these credit cards paid off, work is really stressful with all the changes going on, that I haven’t had sex in 2.5 years, and most of all that this is basically of my own making. I feel stuck and unable to move without leaving someone without the monetary support they need from me.
    Life is sometimes too much for me to handle… I don’t know how much more I can take.

  10. Alice:

    The love and care I still have for him. Being terrified to let go. My fantasies and dreams.

  11. S:

    My mum being stressed out over work and taking it out onto us.

  12. pnog:

    Trying to decide my short-term future plans (next 1-3 years):
    To go to grad school or not? when? in what country? to stay with my current job and be okay, or to take a risk and maybe be better off, or worse off?

  13. anon:

    him. I just wish he would see me as I see him.

  14. aj:

    that he is okay with me.

  15. jayt:

    How much I don’t care about how much I drink to get drunk by myself.

  16. Laila:


  17. Lyn:

    I feel left out and alone, and like there is something wrong with me, why don’t people like me….

  18. Rachel:

    My weight, school, friendship

  19. catie:

    This kid that likes me

  20. Alicia:

    What dreams are worth chasing, how to define success, how to be myself, what morals I want to choose to live by.

  21. Morgan:

    The thought of where my life is going, and if it where i want to be lead.

  22. erika:

    How badly i want to move away from my parents. i love them dearly but i just want to be free and my own person.

  23. ankita:

    fake friends that are nict to you but talk crap behind your back

  24. Karissa:

    This summer I moved overseas to work on a military base just for three months. I met the most amazing guy and two weeks after I went home he was killed in a car accident. I’m going back over winter break to work for a few weeks and I’m terrified that all the memories will hit and that I will have to face the reality that he really is gone. I don’t want this to be real.

  25. Rob:

    My relationship. Do I keep building it and live a “normal life” like everyone else, or let go of a very good woman to pursue the life I think I was meant to live

  26. Catherine:

    people who try to make us look like bad guys, when really they are

  27. EJ:

    Does he even miss me? Did he ever mean what he said? Will we ever talk again?

  28. Elena:

    Why nothing has worked out for me. Just as it seems like everything is looking up, I get knocked down again. I don’t want much but I feel like I’m asking for more than I deserve. Why am I not going the places I want to go? I really thought things were getting better, and I felt like they were too. I had found a guy I truly cared about, I was feeling great running again after my injury, my grades were looking up, there was no drama. Then everything crumbled down at once…I just wonder why I’m down on my luck. What is in store for me?

  29. amy:

    My life. I think its not properly planned.

  30. Alex:

    People’s ignorance and hate… it bothers me.

  31. Jed:

    my friends and my family.

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