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  1. thesubstitutelorax:

    You don’t. It just happens.

  2. Shikha:

    I’m with the lorax on this. You don’t know, it just happens by grace. Sometimes maybe you feel like it was too sudden, at first, but it’s not too long before you realize it’s the best thing for everyone involved, and at that point, things get better really quickly for you.

  3. Heather:

    When you realize you aren’t happy

  4. Anon:

    when you’re the only one trying to work things out. right then you know it’s not gonna work.

  5. m:

    When you have nothing left to say.

  6. Drew:

    Okay, this may be a long shot, but it’s needed. Do you possibly enjoy /r/trees? Hm?

  7. sasha:

    -something inside just tells you to. you might not feel like your fully ready but something just tells you that you’ve got to. and after a while, you’ll realize it was for the best. it’s hard but sometimes, a lot of the time, it has to happen. and it makes us so much stronger…

  8. Bash:

    When you have given it a few chances and nothing has changed. You will feel the unhappiness and know that its time.

  9. danidread:

    When you start wondering “how you can know if it is time to move on”.

  10. Pat:

    When you realize it is tearing you to pieces and decide you’re worth more than that.

  11. Ping:

    Fear comes.

  12. Sandy:

    I find I get subtle ‘pushes’, like plans don’t turn out quite like they should, people don’t respond as expected, satisfaction isn’t what it was, a vague sense of ‘not fitting’ anymore. Then I usually get a small knot of fear that acts as a bit of a catalyst to spur me on…hence my recent resignation… Oh the excitement! 🙂

  13. Stephanie:

    When you can see your future without whomever or whatever you’re trying to move on from.

  14. Sound&Fury:

    When the things that used to be important lose their value.

  15. catie:

    when you see that whatever your doing is going no where

  16. Laila:

    When the past starts affecting your future

  17. pnog:

    I agree. You usuallu don’t know for sure. You just have to take a chance when you get a feeling.

  18. Alicia:

    It’s not that you know it’s time to move on so much as you want to move on. Moving on doesn’t mean you forget, it means you want to focus on other things more that what you moved on from. Sometimes you’re pressured to move on before you want to, sometimes you want to want to move on before you just want to, sometimes you want to never move on.

    It depends on the situation.

    It’s ok not to move on sometimes, for the record.

  19. S:

    When you run out of time (or chances)

  20. Danielle:

    I don’t. I just wait until it happens.

  21. T:

    When the bad outweighs the good.

  22. Lauren:

    You don’t know. It just sort of happens.

  23. Morgan:

    When you no longer look at something as “I can never live without this person/thing in my life,” and find yourself looking at it as “I wonder how different my life would be if this person/thing wasn’t around anymore…” and find that this idea becomes one thing that is common within your trail of thought.

  24. erika:

    when the time comes, it will let you know.

  25. Blink:

    Alot of the answers make sense. But…knowing it’s time to move on, and being able to are two different things. Sometimes you can’t

  26. Caitlyn W:

    When you start realizing that there other things or other people that make you just as happy and content as you were before.
    When you start seeing life as it was before but with different people or events involved.

  27. Liz:

    When you’re not happy anymore and there is nothing left to say. Whether you take action is another thing.
    When opportunity comes knocking on your door.

  28. claire:

    When you can’t remember why/how you ever got there.

  29. EJ:

    When you no longer focus just on that one thing, when you can finally look past it.

  30. Rose:

    When taking a chance begins to outweigh the fear that has kept you stuck where your at or with whom. It is then that you know anything is possible and that no maatter what you will be ok.

  31. kiki:

    When you get a feeling that what you’re doing isn’t what you should be doing.

  32. amy:

    when you know that things are not already the way they supposed to be.

  33. Breutanan:

    I don’t ever “move on”. Things change as they should. I’m mostly guilty of not allowing that to happen. A stronghold of a personality trait I’m working on.

    To me everything remains a memory. It is something to reflect on. Thus never really moving on from it, but learning to live differently from that moment.

    Again, I don’t “move on”. I move forward.

  34. Rayton:

    A choking feeling arises in me, feeling of lakc of wholeness.

  35. lysergic:

    When you find yourself clicking on the answers to this question because you found that you didn’t have an answer of your own.

    You wanted that answer for a reason, didn’t you?
    I know I did.

    Thank you thought questions. I fucking love you.

  36. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! heheheheheheheheheheheheheheh! MOVE ON! HOW?

  37. i love moving on!! it helps

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