Question 625

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34 Responses to “Question 625”

  1. erika:

    thoughts and feelings, of yourself and others. Always read into both sides of the story and see where people(or yourself) are coming from on certain things.

  2. Julia:


  3. choosing positive words when communicating with people 🙂

  4. Anon:

    your wording of things, what you post on the internet, love, feelings, everything

  5. Drew:

    Other people, yourself, expensive things.

  6. Sandy:

    The heart…yours or anyone else’s

  7. Gracie:

    what you say to others (and how you say it)
    the heart (yours or anyone elses. but not so careful that you refuse to risk at all)
    things that are little (babies, puppies, fragile china cups)

  8. Panda:

    That you are genuinely doing things that make you happy, not what everyone else wants you to do.

  9. Yourself own self worth.

    Easily knocked down by others and long to re-build.

  10. Filipa:

    my mother

  11. b:

    your heart and the heart of others

  12. fufu:

    because the wound caused by words stays with you but blows heal and you move on

  13. Alicia:

    Always be careful with presumptions, people, and hearts, especially in situations when all are intricately involved.

  14. Sound&Fury:

    Words, if not used correctly, can cut deep.
    The trust given to you by others.

  15. Laila:

    Whom you trust

  16. Heather:

    relationships of any kind

  17. pnog:

    I think everyone has already taken the words from my mouth.
    1) be careful with another’s “heart”
    2) be careful of the words you use
    3) be careful not to blindly believe one side of the story.

  18. Mike:

    Explosives. Priceless artifacts. Infants.

  19. Liz:

    Words; what you say to others – cause you can’t erase it or take it back.
    Small kids

  20. Niv:

    who you choose to trust

  21. Bee:


  22. Wesley:

    I agree with many on being most careful with people and their hearts.

    …but to throw in another: practical jokes, you’ll never know who will take it the wrong way.

  23. Rob:

    Your own heart

  24. sarah:

    your friends’ feelings

  25. EJ:

    Trust and love

  26. karel:

    faith in God

  27. amy:

    careful in choosing the right words that could describe the situation

  28. Danielle:

    Your own heart, and the hearts of others.

  29. Kate:

    The heart of anything, love, and nature.

  30. ellie:


  31. Julie Takase:

    your heart. you give it to the wrong person and it could change you forever.

  32. Shannon:

    Someone elses heart

  33. Evelyn:

    Anyone’s life.

  34. southerngirl:

    your words, actions and someone else’s heart

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