Question 629

Photo by: Meredith Farmer

56 Responses to “Question 629”

  1. C:

    You may love her with all your being but it will not work out and you are in for a broken heart.

  2. Jed:

    no one will come save you.
    so stand back up and keep moving forward.
    people need you.
    so you’re not allowed to be a failure.

  3. Rayton:

    It says two different things at a time- that it’s hard, that I don’t fit and that I should run away, as well as that I shouldn’t give up and that I should stay on my own decisions.

  4. Evelyn:

    Be more gentle with everyone.

  5. MS:

    Talk to the girl you like goddamit.

  6. annya:

    everything is turning out to be the way i want it!

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