Question 630

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  1. Heather:

    My friends. I don’t have as many as i used to.

  2. mkay.:

    As the first marking period comes to a close on my junior year… grades!

  3. Wesley:

    The days until Thanksgiving break, when I get to just hang out with my parents and girlfriend. 🙂

    …That and days until winter break, I’m ready for a new set of classes\professors.

  4. Rachel:

    how many days my boyfriend and i have been apart. this is the longest time we’ve gone without seeing each other since our first date. he comes back tomorrow 🙂

  5. ratclw:

    My budget

  6. Anon:

    the days until summer.

  7. Kat:

    Boyfriend flies in Thanksgiving Day, && 21st Birthday Black Friday<3

  8. Me:

    The one very special girl in my life, who’s now several countries away from me…

  9. Moments I wished stayed forever part of my present.

  10. Danni:

    The time until I graduate.

  11. Days until Christmas, and I have recently started to count my steps when I walk.

  12. jes:

    The days until my friend’s stepdad gets out of prison (early).
    The days until my friend runs away.
    The days until I won’t be able to see him.

    I keep track of my friends. I keep track of their lives because I can hardly even control my own.

  13. Courtney:

    Calories – in a fight against an eating disorder (that I’m winning)
    Miles – that I run and between my family and I
    Months – in anticipation of a move that is yet to be finalized.

    Memories. So many great new memories.

  14. Angela:

    I keep track of my heart rate and I am counting reps and sets. 🙂

  15. ankita:

    friends and how many days till my perfomance

  16. zoe:

    -the days until i meet up with my ex for lunch… ahhhhh. i haven’t seen him in forever and i’m nervous to see how it’ll go, if it’ll lead to anything, etc. and it’s tomorrow!

  17. Jackie:


  18. Inge:

    The amount of congratulations I got for my birthday =)

  19. The number of questions I keep getting about me – after all my many years on the planet for some reason right now I’m a curious thing….and I have no idea why!!!!

  20. Alicia:

    Hours of sleep, days until Thanksgiving break, time spent writing and running.

    …and keeping track of friends abroad.

  21. pnog:

    months and days left in my contract and when I need to decide what my next steps will be.

  22. Katherine:

    days until I get to see my boyfriend!! as of today 34 (:

  23. Rob:

    The hours of sleep I’ve been missing

  24. AA:

    The days that I have been sober.

  25. Danielle:

    I don’t think anything right now really

  26. Grac(ie):

    While watching the games of our hometown football team (Boise State) I take the special game day section out of the paper and use the listing of player heights and weights to calculate the average.

    It seems that college football teams are mostly around 6-1

  27. luq:

    reseting my life

  28. Evelyn:

    My new relationship with him.

  29. Claire:

    How much money my boyfriend “borrows” but doesn’t pay back.

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