Question 631

Photo by: Hani Amir

34 Responses to “Question 631”

  1. Liz:


  2. Heather:

    truck driving…but i think its so scary I don’t think I could do it. :/

  3. Anon:

    why does it feel like i never have answers to any of these questions? makes me think whats wrong with me

  4. anon:


  5. Christine:

    bungee jumping!

  6. Ashley:

    Rock climbing!!

  7. Emelia:

    Martial arts, gymnastics, and hang gliding!

  8. ankita:

    so manyy things -in china learnig the pwers of marial arsky diving

  9. Wesley:

    Scuba diving 🙂 I got to try it a little over summer but need a warmer\thicker suit to really try it.

  10. Laila:


  11. Rob:

    I’ve done near all the things I can think of. I’d still like to travel across Canada on one of my motorcycles

  12. pnog:

    too many. first 3 I can think of are surfing, scuba diving, biking across Canada (not a motorcycle)

  13. b:

    diving, paragliding, traveling through japan.

  14. erika:

    surfing. bungee jumping. para sailing. soo soo much more.

  15. Alicia:

    Surfing, gymnastics, cliff diving, hang gliding, traveling with a backpack and good friend to other countries, writing and publishing a book, and being in a shark cage.

  16. amy:

    I always wanted to try to follow my heart’s desire.. but the thing is my mind always contradict it.

  17. karel:

    to be in a relationship

  18. Danielle:

    Riding a dirt bike. And everything else on my bucket list.

  19. Kasia:

    surfing, paragliding and all the food from different countries starting with asian XD

  20. Erica:

    zip lining and paintball

  21. heheheh:

    this may sound bad but… bitch slapping someone! ive havent ever had to though which is good!

  22. Fartun:

    SKY DIVING (I plan on making it happen this spring BREAK)!!! bungee jumping, paintball shooting, hunting, ride a motorcycle, zip lining, swimming with the dolphins and the sharks. SURFING. and soo much more

  23. luq:


  24. Alex:

    Sky Diving 😀

  25. Rayton:

    Sky diving, surfing and stone climbing.

  26. LulúM:

    to try on a wedding dress..

  27. Evelyn:

    Going on a trip with friends.

  28. Claire:

    This picture is perfect because it’s surfing.

  29. Hotchkiss:

    See the aurora

  30. annya:

    deep sea diving

  31. Me:

    surfing. learning how to play guitar. learning how to dance!

  32. Joleen:

    surfing, sailing (on my own), belly dance

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