Question 31

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22 Responses to “Question 31”

  1. Donny:

    That would be the dream… Work that I actually enjoy doing. I’m only 23. Hopefully someday I figure out how to bridge the gap between making a dollar and doing what I love.

  2. Zach:

    Amen, Donny

  3. i am trying to LIVE in a job i am really passionate about in right now stage 🙂

    actually i don’t consider it as a job,
    i consider it the best way to deliver my value,
    and i try to enjoy myself more through developing better values 😛

  4. Austin:

    Well I would love do work doing something I love. But right now any work would do.

  5. Bart:

    Work is a way to exchange your value with the rest of the universe. Hopefully it is something you enjoy doing. If so, the more the better. If not, figure out a new plan.

  6. Christie:

    I recently switched careers and am doing what I love to do and what I actually went to school for. I am enjoying every minute of it. I put in a lot more hours, and do a lot more work, but it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like I get to wake up every day and be myself. I’ve been told I’m more “me” when I’m in this career now and it makes me so happy.

    But you’re right, Austin. I’m sorry to hear that. I wish everyone to have the fortune I’ve fallen upon. Best of luck to you and to everyone.

  7. sailor:

    i m 26 and haven’t been working in the conventional sense of work for a while now, and for the time being i must say i would rather have more work that i love doing than less work that i love doing.

    @bart i totally agree

  8. Abtin:

    more work that I love doing.

  9. The Rev:


  10. Mike:

    If you enjoy doing it, it’s not work.

  11. Kayane:

    More work I actually enjoy doing. Less hated work and I never got along.

  12. Steven:

    More Work I actually enjoy doing.

  13. bobby:

    More work which i actually enjoy doing.

  14. April:

    More work I enjoy.

  15. Aimee:

    More work to enjoy. Being busy is a good thing when you are busy doing something you love.

  16. Amanda:

    More work that I enjoy doing. I love being busy!

  17. Nick:

    I think I prefer more work that I actually enjoy doing.

  18. Michael Hitchcock:


  19. Joey:

    more work

  20. Rowena:

    If I have a job that I like to do… then I technically don’t have to work a single day 🙂

  21. AM:

    work I actually enjoy doing.

  22. chichay:

    when you are doing something you enjoy it doesn’t matter if it is more than you can actually do

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