Question 638

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63 Responses to “Question 638”

  1. I fear that my faith is for naught…

  2. procrast:

    that all the memories i made are gone.

  3. phantasmagoria:

    Making my loved ones extremely sad.

  4. Bethany:

    I fear that there won’t be anything. That it will just be over. That I just will cease to exist.

  5. Rayton:

    The people I’m leaving behind to mourn, to take care of themselves . And maybe the fear that I won’t be remembered, as if I never existed.

  6. Shannon:

    Leaving the ones I love behind

  7. Evelyn:

    Leaving people behind me without them knowing how much they meant to me.
    Dying alone.

    I’m not that scared about death and I’ll love having wrinkles like suns around my eyes 🙂

  8. Jason B:

    leaving my friends in danger

  9. Claire:

    Who am I leaving behind, and will they be ok?

  10. Marit:

    That it’s not peaceful.
    I wish to be calm and aware of what’s happening to me.
    No pain.

  11. missy:

    that it will come to me too soon

  12. Amia Barta:

    What worries me about death is all the people that suffered through the loss of people and what you will be missing throughout your life and how long your life is going to be depending on the person. No matter how long it takes in your life to realize that you miss them is going to be hard for you because you realize how much you care about them and how much you care. To see that you lost someone really important is a long recovery but after awhile you start to see how much you can do without them and see what you can do by yourself.

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