Question 639

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30 Responses to “Question 639”

  1. Megan:


  2. Anon:


  3. Heather:

    smiling. being happy. making others smile.

  4. not having lived

  5. Listening.

  6. ankita:

    writing music and caring

  7. Me:

    Breathing. Pretty good at it at least.

  8. Sarah:

    Being a friend.

  9. Cody:

    Being Curious and having an endless want to gain knowledge in life and in myself.

  10. Grace:

    Hula hooping. I can go for hours.

  11. Sonja:

    Sleeping 🙂

  12. Neicy:

    writing poetry. I hope one day i’m no longer scared and can share it with the world =)

  13. pnog:

    Problems solving. Particularly with things related to math or science.

  14. bsf:

    ok. i would say dancing and art

  15. L.:

    Seeing and enjoying then little things that make life pretty.

  16. Danielle:

    Second guessing myself, doubting myself

  17. Alex:

    finding a solution for my challenges and never give up

  18. luq:


  19. Alex:

    Talking to others and giving advice to them about their problems.

  20. Cooking.



  21. Rayton:


  22. Julie Takase:

    making things.

  23. SunShine:

    I’m naturally good at not giving a f*ck. Also, f*ucking up someone’s day.

  24. Evelyn:

    Making dogs listen to me.

  25. Jack:


  26. Claire:

    Taking care of people. It’s my profession and it just flows naturally.

  27. Me:

    being a Mom 🙂

  28. me:

    Not accepting my self

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