Question 641

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  1. dale:

    Never living your life your own way.

  2. Jayne:

    Living a lie.

  3. Aaron:

    Not being able to do what you want to do in life. For example, if I became injured and could no longer exercise, that would be the worst thing on the planet. Much worse than death itself.

  4. S:

    Living on after those you care about have died.

    Or, when I’m feeling especially cynical…life.

  5. m:

    not knowing where you are going in life. and before you die you haven’t accomplished something really big yet

  6. sergio:

    Not living in freedom and the inability to control own life.

  7. Rob:

    A life that you hardly survive. Walking around like a zomnie with no sense of purpose. I don’t want to die at 36 and wait till 65 to be buried.

  8. ankita:

    living but not being alive

  9. Heather:

    never knowing love

  10. pnog:

    living in isolation. With no friends or enemies, family or strangers.

  11. m:

    having nothing to live for…

  12. Kawwww:

    my people being exploit

  13. Ashley:

    A lot of things probably.

  14. Justin:

    A lot of things. But most of all, not doing something you love. Not living. Not taking risks. Not doing something about your life. Because if you do, at least you tried.

  15. girlygotadeadbeat:

    To have no choices in life; not even basic choices, like to have a job or to have food to eat or be free to move about at will and educate yourself and provide for your family—so many people in this world do not have these basic freedoms. This, to me, and to the people who suffer, is worse than death. That’s why people who live this way don’t mind dying.

  16. Deanie:

    My children’s pain….I’d prefer death than to watch them suffer. A better life for them would be worth every sacrifice. Thankfully all is well with my children, I hope it stays that way.

  17. Danielle:

    As stated best by Hermione Granger: “We could all have been killed – or worse, expelled.”

  18. Danielle:

    Seriously tho (not really cause it’s another Harry Potter quote), as Albus Dumbledore said: “Don’t pity the dead. Pity the living, and above all those who live without love.”

    There living without love is worse than death.

  19. ching:

    Being reborn in a poor country…

  20. Sandy:

    Man, oh man, having just been through this…living with really bad toothache…I can see why people used to kill themselves in the old days before dentists were around. There is no misery like it!

  21. Nadine:

    the feeling that you are dying, from a broken heart or the lack of love you have for yourself and not being able to find that love for yourself… or passion.

  22. living on the strees and have no food or house or any thing, and getting raped by some one you dont even now and letting drugs take over your life and dont have any one to show you love and care.
    Oct 15,2011 my dad die on home coming morning it was the the worse day of my life and i never got tell him that i love him i give any thing talk to for five mins

  23. Wesley:

    Not enjoying life …Not living.

  24. aaron:

    death is not as bad as you think

  25. Richa:

    Being alone with no one to love you.

  26. katie:

    Not living, just existing.

  27. Z:

    being alone compleatlly alone

  28. Fartun:

    Giving up on life… Everyday is a new day go do something you havn’t done and live it with NO regrets. Because you only live once. SO stop reading this and GO DO SOMETHING NEW AND LIVE LIFE!!!^_^

  29. luq:

    not being able to end our own life for fear of the afterlife

  30. Alex:

    Being Alone with no one to talk to, care for, or love.

  31. gak:

    heroin addiction

  32. Being alive is definitely better than death…but if we live as though we’re dead when we’re alive, then that’s worse than death.

    The second worse is spiritual death without Jesus.

    Third is to live in poverty of mind, materials and courage.

  33. Rayton:

    Life of misery, and I refer to any kind of it- living dependently, being the victim of negativity, being abused, living a lie.

  34. Marie:

    Being Alone

  35. Caine:

    living a life with no purpose and no love

  36. Evelyn:

    Moving out and leaving people who think you don’t love them behind you.

  37. amy:

    Being lonely and dead on the inside, but your body being alive.

  38. Jason B:

    immortality and betraying the people you love

  39. Melanie:

    Living an empty life.

  40. southerngirl:

    not living life to the fullest

  41. evita:

    Not having lived…

  42. Khyle:

    Loving someone that you can only be friends with

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