Question 642

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33 Responses to “Question 642”

  1. Coley:

    That everyone will be treated equally.

  2. Mike:

    That our elected officials actually serve for the best interests of the country and earn their pay.

  3. Heather:

    my plans. I always plan something…but it never goes the way I want…God’s way of saying “I don’t think so, i’ve got the wheel.”

  4. Drew:

    That the world will end.
    At least in the next few hundred years or so.

    I’ve always believed that everything lives on.

  5. Angria:

    Never say never

  6. m:

    that the united states will ever be out of debt or be like it used to be. i like we are helping other countries but they need to look at us and see that we need help too.

  7. ankita:

    wars and suffering will never end when one mafia is caputrd another one comes

  8. S:

    World peace.

  9. Rob:

    I still think that with enough effort anything is possible. I’m not sure those who need to do the work are willing (on a global scale) so I try to focus my efforts on my small world.

  10. Laila:

    It’s hard to answer that question since we can’t know what will happen in the future and what changes will be made. I can’t imagine that the entire world will be at peace ever, but to say ‘never’ is a stretch.

  11. Leila:

    love will never be lost. it will always be there.

  12. pnog:

    we will never be able to understand all of the mysteries of the universe. There will always be things left unexplained.

  13. my dream of getting married and building my dream house… I am too aloof and live in the wrong country…

  14. JP:

    That I’ll live to 30.

  15. kathy:

    I will never win the lottery (since I don’t play) and that I will never lose love for my family

  16. girlygotadeadbeat:

    That we will either prove or disprove the existence of God.

    Benevolent capitalism.

    The zombie apocalypse. 🙂

  17. Deanie:

    the world will never be fair. We will never all agree, someone will always want more. Humans are designed to think of themselves first, it’s just evolution. We can’t think of other first. Equality is something we really must struggle to make any prgoress with. It’s against every bone in our bodies to want the same for others as we want for ourselves. I think we have a much better chance if we acknowledge how difficult a task it is to be fair.

  18. Danielle:

    That the world will be happy

  19. sasha:

    i believe that i will never find true love because i’m not attractive enough in anyway

  20. Alicia:

    I believe I’ll never see them again and I’ll never be on good terms with my mother.

    Also, a word for Sasha, the poster before me:
    I used to think that, too. I took it for granted I’d never be with anyone and accepted it. I got proved wrong.

    I’m not going to tell you that it’s inevitable that everyone who thinks that will be proven wrong. I’m only saying that true love doesn’t happen because of physical attractiveness.

    I hope everything works out for you, and that you find what you’re looking for.
    Take care.

  21. Nadine:

    That humans will find a way to become immortal!

  22. Robert:

    The discontinue of war. Many people disagree, thats part of life. But some just cant think about how the other can be right.

  23. katie:

    That I’ll live up to 21.

  24. luq:

    a zombie apocalypse

  25. Alex:

    Equality and peace among men.

  26. Elissa:

    Unfortunate as it is, several things will never happen:

    Humans will never all be in agreement on any given idea.

    Humans will never get over themselves enough to help any other species on the planet- we will always look out for ourselves regardless of the cost.

    Humans will never stop arguing about the stupid things, like religion. We fight entire wars just to tell someone what that can or can’t believe. Who are we to tell anyone what they need to be thinking, feeling, or believing? Who’s to say any one religion (or non-religion, like atheism) is all right or all wrong?

  27. Rayton:

    I will never understand everything going in this world, every strange and beautiful phenomenon, every behavior of a person. I will always be able to find somethign to be fascinated about.

  28. EE:

    I don’t think we will ever understand the intricacies of our own brain, or fully explain consciousness and the human experience.

  29. Evelyn:

    It’s sad to say but… peace.

  30. Rai:

    She loving me the way I love her.

  31. southerngirl:

    that i will slide down a rainbow to discover the pot of gold

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