Question 644

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  1. Angria:

    My first gallop. It was the purest form of freedom I have ever felt. I still smile when I think about it.

  2. Danielle:

    My first drunken experience and hangover

  3. Heather:

    My first deer hunting trip. It was one of the funnest times in my life. I was known as daddy’s little tracker.

  4. m:

    my first trip to disney world..i felt completely free and childish..but i loved every moment!

  5. Leila:

    moving to a foreign country on my own, knowing nobody beforehand

  6. Kawwww:

    first meeting with him 🙂

  7. Drew:

    I’ve gotten to do a lot in the little time I’ve been here, but honestly, I’ll have to say sex.

  8. Sarah:

    Waterskiing. I had tried all summer and to finally be able to get up on the skis on those last final days of summer and just glide over the water is a feeling I’ll never forget.

  9. Rob:

    First time on a motorcycle. Nothing in the world compares. Closest I can come to flying

  10. Laila:

    As cliche as it sounds, falling in love

  11. susan:

    First time ever crossing the finish line to successfully run a marathon. AWESOME!

  12. pnog:

    Lots. First time going to university. First time going overseas. First time skydiving.

  13. Bee:

    First time I believed in God

  14. First time I managed to cut an apple in mid-air with a sword. My eyes closing for the tension. My wrist hurting for the impact. My mates clapping. Awesome.

  15. Grace:

    My first time performing on stage 🙂

  16. Alicia:

    First time I sensed an unspoken connection with certain person.

    I mentioned California on a hike, he was to my left and so was the summit. No idea why or how, but remember that instant very clearly.

    …just sensed he understood.

  17. The first time I remembered a Christmas as a kid – always special, always has a lovely energy, always how humans should be able to treat each other every day. And it’s coming in a few weeks….love it!

  18. Wesley:

    That first kiss is forever in my memory <3

    Also my first college class, Pre-calc. I got there too early and ended up learning a little Psychology too. Boy was I confused!

  19. Becky:

    Watching our girls play in the Pacific Ocean… It’s awesome enough to see it for yourself, but to enjoy someone else’s enjoyment was fabulous!

  20. Z:

    my first ride on a pure arabian horse in the desert at dawn 🙂

  21. vcm:


  22. Lucy:

    My first boyfriend ({})
    My first kiss :*
    My first love <3
    My first heartbreak </3
    My first tears for love :'( xxxx<3

  23. Fartun:

    My first camping trip to The Boundary Waters in Duluth. It was Awesome!!!^_^ It was my first time sleeping outside looking up at all the beautiful stars. First time making smores over the camp fire and etc.. It was Awesome!!!^_^

  24. luq:

    magic truffles in amsterdam!

  25. Justin:

    My first kiss with my first girlfriend.

  26. Alex:

    Going to the lake house with all of my good friends…
    The first time we were all able to hang out and just have fun without any drama.
    Best weekend of my life.

  27. The first time I met Jesus.

    The first time my heart broke.

    The first time I held hands with someone I love.

    The first time I made love.

    The first time I had more than enough.

  28. Jennifer:

    I will never forget reading an e.e. cummings poem aloud as my wedding vows. I was tongue-tied and stumbled over the words, which I had hastily scrawled on an index card. My husband kept the card in his dresser with his other important papers.

  29. Julie Takase:

    i will never forget my first time camping.

  30. Marie:

    The first time I ever felt like God was there with me, though as the older I get the more I do try to forget it, or put it a side, or make it seem like less than it was.
    Also, I will never forget the first time I as artist was seen by another artist. There was just the wreid feeling in the air. He saw me as an artist and it was like he knew everything about me.
    The first time I broke a bone. 🙂 I didn’t cry but instead I laughed.
    Also, the first time I ever truly questioned my faith (wish I had never done that)
    The thing I will probably always remember the clearest is the thing I want to forget the most. The first time I had suicidal thoughts. That was the darkest night in my life. So hopeless so much pain. No idea where to turn. That night was horrible. Luckily a few days later God showed me someone who I could talk to about it. I did talk to him and he has helped me get through so many hard times in my life.

  31. Ann:

    The first time I felt like God was watching over me.

  32. Rayton:

    First week living outside of home

  33. Evelyn:

    It can look childish but the first time I met with that dog, and I ”fell in love” even if everyone said it was ugly. I’ll never forget Marley!

  34. Becca:

    my first hockey game

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