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  1. Starchild:

    Your heart. The bane of human kind.

  2. Heather:

    well for me men. lol if i didn’t like men I wouldn’t have heartache. it’s almost impossible not to experience it at least once

  3. Leila:

    choosing the wrong person to begin with

  4. Danielle:

    Love, loss, death

  5. m:

    don’t avoid anything. that is apart of life, just be cautious at what you do.

  6. Michael:

    The bad self-talk, the idea that you’re alone, the idea that your friends are only friends with you because they pity you, the fact that you will die someday.

    I could have avoided a lot of heartache if I could have avoided these things.

  7. TP:

    Assuming you respect your friends, heed what they say. Avoid getting romantically entangled with those against whom they warn.

  8. Anon:

    Idleness. When you’re busy/having fun/doing something, you don’t feel it.

  9. Emelia:

    Dwelling on the past too much.

  10. Jayne:

    Ha! The thought of completely avoiding heartache is laughable. You’d have to avoid life to avoid heartache. You just need to learn how to continue living despite heartache.

  11. Rob:

    To avoid heartache you would have to avoid life itself. The real question is what you can do to recover.

  12. S:

    Good luck with that.

  13. ankita:

    regret,chocolate,let idoits’ actions ruin yor mood
    you are all beautiful evey human is we all got ruined

  14. Heather:

    @S-lolz i love that

  15. Wesley:

    It’s hard, if not impossible to avoid heartache entirely, but avoiding these could help:
    hurting those you love, and bully’s.

  16. Richa:

    Too much involvemnet in someone/something ultimately leads to heartache. Love others but not more than yourself.

  17. pnog:

    I think if you never trust others you will never feel heartbreak. But I don’t think that’s a good life. I think that heartbreak is a necessary part of life. It makes you stronger, wiser, and appreciate true love that much more when / if you find it.

  18. Catherine:

    Who can avoid heartache? The only way to avoid it is to die

  19. Debbie:

    The bad self-talk too.

  20. Becky:


  21. Lesley:

    To avoid heartache you have to avoid life and that in itself would be a heartbreak.

  22. Green Knight:

    A better question would be: what can you DO to avoid heartache. You can’t avoid everything that might give you heartache, but you can try to pervent it, try to beat it, and most importantly you can try to overcome it. After all, without heartache you would also never know love.

  23. luq:

    i would rather have heartache (from love), then never have loved at all..

  24. Justin:

    To avoid heartaches, embrace it, let it in, and learn from it. Sooner or later, you will thank the heartaches for making you the best person you can be. Some heartaches hurt the worse but no matter what, you will get on your feet again and enjoy life. Because that’s life.

  25. Unnecessary worrying for stupid things.

  26. Learn to identify things/values/actions that you don’t agree with, and avoid doing them. An example can be robbing, stealing, lying, etc.

  27. People who are dishonest.Never give your heart to someone who has been dishonest with you because it will happen again and become a downward spiral.

  28. Breutanan:


    I don’t want to avoid anything to avoid heartache. I want to head straight into it expecting there will be no heartbreak. Only then am I truly living moment by moment.

  29. Julie Takase:

    give your heart to a good person.

  30. Evelyn:


  31. Lou:

    Being positive, wish nothing in return

  32. Lauren:

    Believe instinct even if the heart offers it, the mind knows best,,,,

  33. Me:

    people who lie.

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