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  1. Mike:


  2. dev:

    Amen to that, Mike.

  3. dave:


  4. Patrick:

    Our Lord Jesus Christ …kidding.

  5. Eps:

    To protect the ones that you love and care about. To save others from unwanted suffering.

  6. Michael:

    @Eps: Often going to war alleviates your suffering if you’re in a superior position but the downside is that you create the unwanted suffering for others.

  7. Cassie:

    As said before: our freedom.

  8. Austin:

    I don’t believe there is any reason important enough to go to war for. Your reason my be important to you but no one else.

  9. skit:

    We initiative war in search for peace and freedom.
    How contradict that statement could be.

  10. Another Mike:

    “Freedom” is abstract and is never gained through war.
    The only things worth going to war over are greed and fear.

  11. sailor:

    you gain situational gain through war.

    @mike only thing worth going to war for cannot just be greed and fear, or freedom ……. or anything u choose to place in the dots, but everything, and that includes war itself.

  12. Freedom, of course.
    There are many definitions of war, and many definitions of freedom.
    But it’s the one thing I’d fight to protect.

  13. Eps:

    @ Michael: That does cause a contradiction. The only reason to go to war is to protect the ones you love, and to prevent unwanted suffering, in my opinion. So if that is the only reason to ever go to war, then there wouldn’t be any war because everyone would want to protect their loved ones and prevent the suffering war would cause.

  14. Gabe:


  15. Bethany:

    human rights and equality… although I think Ghandi and MLK, Jr. had it right with the non-violence movement; this is better obtained without force and retaliation.

  16. jamie:

    brotherly love, and the kind of love that makes you feel you couldn’t live without the other person

  17. Madrykson:

    Here’s the thing about “freedom”

    Freedom to do what you want, when you want, and however you want… without consequence.

    It doesn’t exist. I don’t know where anyone is from here, but I’m from the US, and it seems that so many people are ready to fight and die for “freedom” when we live in the most heavily litigated society in the world. There are more laws on the books in the US than any other nation, and if that statistic has changed, it still means we rank at the top.

    What does exist, is the sense of “choice” – that you can choose where to go to school, what to do as a career, who to love, marry, and divorce. Those are socially acceptable choices. When you exercise “freedom” and choose something outside our norms, you risk social consequence, whether ‘de facto’ or ‘de jure’, from being ostracized to being executed.

    The freest person in the world is someone who is only restricted by the laws of nature and lives outside of society, without obligations to the government, family, friends, humanity in general. Therefore, a free person couldn’t even go to war for freedom. They couldn’t participate in an army where all of their decisions are made for them, and they are given orders that dictate their actions. If everyone was “free”, the entire world would dissolve into anarchy.

    So before you say you’d go to war for “freedom”, that you’d send your children and your neighbor’s children to fight and die for “freedom”, just think about the concept your advocating.

  18. Allie:

    I sincerely believe nothing is. No person should get to decide what others’ lives are worth. That said, I have nothing but the deepest respect for troops, civilians, and all affected by war. I just think that they’re unfortunately in horrible situations that they shouldn’t have to be in. All that I’m saying is give peace a chance.

  19. Melinda:

    nothing. anything can be sorted out civilly, but most people jump straight to war.

  20. Ck:

    My Family. I’d do anything to protect them.

  21. Abbey:

    Whenever i consider enlisting in the army after i graduate, i realize how absolutely terrified i am, but when i think of all of the small children i babysit or see around town, i find in me the strength to do almost anything, including sacrificing myself. I think the generations that come after us are worth it, i think it’s the opportunity we give to them to make their world better in ways we cannot do.

    and Madrykson, we give up certain freedoms in order to be more free.

  22. Sam Fisher:

    I believe EXACTLY what Allie said. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  23. lovenotwar:

    If someone tried to harm my child, I would kill that person. If someone tried to take my freedom of thinking what I want, believing what I want, living as I want, or if they tried to do harm to me, I would fight that person. If someone tried to do these things to my neighbor, I would stand by my neighbor and fight that person. If I am a pawn in someone else’s game, being used for their greed or power under the pretense of patriotism, I will not fight.

  24. Abtin:

    Freedom. Nothing exists without it.

  25. Rich:

    Freedom is the only thing worth gong to war for.I fought in Nam in 67-68.They said it was for freedom.Bull sh#@.Freedom has never existed there.It is only worth it if it is to defend our own country and the freedom we enjoy.

  26. Aneesh:

    Protection of your women and children. Protection of the freedom and life that your country gives you.

    Some things are worth going to war over. I would die happily if I knew that my children would be free

  27. The Rev:

    When another has made the decision to take my life and/or the lives of those I love and/or the way of life I treasure, and that other forces me to choose between him/her/them and me/mine, then I choose me/mine and war, if necessary.

  28. agnus:

    freedom is just a word, so is choice and greed and fear. you dont die for any of that. people who go to war go because they have a loyalty to their country, the country that our loved ones live in. we fight for them.

  29. Barely anything is worth enough to go to war over. If some people could see that by simply sitting down and talk it over until the problem is solve, then the world would be peaceful.

  30. But all the other comments on this page are also true too. We all can look at it in different perspectives

  31. dan:

    why freedom?? i prefer peace!

  32. James H:

    Nothing is worth fighting a war.

    Does your life worth more than other life? (this is objective question, not subjective, subjective answer is yes it is, but when you ask others, who is more important?)

    How could one be more important than others so that thousands or millions may die ?

  33. jamshid:

    I’m in the military and the only reason i choose to go to war is for preservation of the freedom that we’ve established for ourselves and to help those that cry for our help. peace is the ideal way to live, but with the differences in the income of the people in the world (which breeds greed and jealousy)and, what’s important to an individual due to their religion and upbringing (which causes people to have a belief that what they’re doing is right because their god or culture approves);peace is difficult to obtain. If it wasn’t for war, america potentially would be a part of great britian, iraq would still be seeing the genocide of their people, terrorism would be more widespread, or germany could be running the world. if it wasn’t for war we wouldn’t have that freedom anymore and we would be much further away from world peace than we are now.

    so in short, self preservation is my answer

  34. Steven:

    When faced with invasion

  35. bobby:

    Self defence.

  36. sand-niger oil that america needs

  37. April:

    Quality of life.

  38. Gem:

    ironically, freedom and peace

  39. Aimee:

    I don’t think anything is worth war. Shouldn’t life be the most important thing? War causes an early end to far too many innocent lives.

  40. Amanda:

    Nothing. Wars have caused more harm in our world, then help. And it hasn’t brought us any closer to freedom or peace.

  41. dani:

    nothing. because lives shouldnt be lost for the selfishness of others.

  42. Lauren:

    “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling that thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” If you don’t feel your values are worth going to war over, are they really your values?

  43. Nick:

    Freedom. Dignity. For the ones you love.

  44. Ema:

    NOT WAR.

  45. Michael Hitchcock:

    Usually nothing. If I give you a good reason, especially a good abstract reason right now, these words could be used to help encourage a stupid and unjust war.

    If the combatants have never met one another, it is more likely to be an unjust conflict.

  46. Rowena:

    Freedom – but yet… what IS freedom?

  47. chichay:

    freedom, but sometimes even the war is over you’re not yet free

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