Question 648

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  1. Drew:

    All of the shit in my room. I have the coolest stuff in here. It’s like a museum inside of a colorful cave.

  2. Wesley:

    I have a lot of random little things I’ve collected from around the world… paintings, key chains, LEGO sets, a model ship, a stone from The Valley of the Kings, a shot glass from China…

    The most unique and most meaningful to me, however, would be two personalized drawings of Stitch. One from my aunt, and one from my girlfriend.

  3. Heather:

    To tell you the truth, I don’t really know. All my photos. They all have their own story and I am the only one who has them.
    One of my key chains is the name plate that was my mom’s for her Fireman stuff. I got it after she died.

  4. Robert:

    I used to have a necklace that meant a lot to me, but i lost it after all those years not too long ago. It was my symbol, now i feel like a small part of me is missing…lost in the world.

  5. jenn:

    My dog…

  6. m:

    a italian ring that my uncle sent to me.

  7. S:

    Probably something cliche like “my personality”.
    On a material level, probably my room – the walls are covered in the crazy mish-mash of my life.

  8. Me:

    A selfmade necklace that has a little bag with a stone in it. It was given to me by a very special person and it reminds me that she’s always with me, wherever I go.

  9. Kawwww:

    My necklace and ring twin 😀

  10. Life has become very complicated i want to be free from it (make it simple)

  11. Rob:

    My pictures. No one has been everywhere I’ve been with my eyes to capture the things that I’ve seen.

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  13. Grace:

    My camel ring that my mother got for me the second time she was sent overseas. I’m not sure if it’s really one of a kind but I absolutely love it 🙂

  14. jay:

    A sextant ( old world navigational device)I got in Tanzania.

  15. Z:

    my locket for protection
    its reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly beautiful

  16. Alicia:

    My writing, and the things others have made for me. Specifically, origami, origami flowers, preserved flowers, CDs, a picture frame, and cards.

    All are unique by definition, as there is only one edition of any of these things. It’s what makes them special. There is no individual thing that is more or less unique among them.

  17. pnog:

    For me, probably my Mt. Fuji walking stick. Although all of my neighbours would probably think my big canadian flag is the most unique thing.

  18. Gurtej Aulakh:

    My positive attitudes towards Life

  19. JJ:

    My tattoos…they are the road map of my life and the memories i’ve made…good and bad

  20. Leila:

    my wardrobe. whenever i visit a foreign country i buy a piece of clothing there. my favorite piece is the harem pants i got in australia.

  21. Ashley:

    When I was obsessed with Buffy, my ex hand carved me a wooden stake that is absolutely brilliant. I still adore it till this day.

  22. Vivi:

    My stories, I’ve written so many of them and I’ve never read another story like them.

  23. luq:

    my tattoos dedicated to my parents, my passion and the growing stages of my life

  24. My uncle’s manuscript war memoirs – he flew as a Spitfire pilot all through the war and survived to put down his amazing and awful experiences on paper. As yet they are unpublished.

  25. Alex:

    My 2 handed sword 🙂

  26. Gershon:

    My cats: one has only three legs, another has only one eye. And they own me btw.

  27. Me =D

  28. my memories

  29. My character.

  30. Kathleen:

    Myself. I guess the only thing i truely own and have control of is myself. Theres nobody eltse exactly like me either, so i guess i’m pretty unique too. 🙂

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  32. I was thinking first for something i own physically. But for me my personality is the uniquest thing i own 🙂

  33. Katy:

    My brain. It is the only real thing any of us can own…

    But besides that, my brain is pretty unique and wonderful. 🙂

  34. Rayton:

    A collection of wooden crafted elephants.

  35. Evelyn:

    My dad 🙂

  36. Tony:

    your persinality

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