Question 649

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  1. Leila:


  2. Robert:

    Your time
    Because you’ll never get it back

  3. anon:

    don’t waste your breath on unkindness

  4. Heather:

    your life

  5. Drew:

    I always thought wasting time was a great thing to do. I like it when I lose track of time, that means I was doing something worth doing.

    Side note: Does anybody else feel like it almost became a race to post the first comment?
    It’s midnight and there’s already five…

  6. kp:

    your time.

  7. ankita:

    time every second really is precious because you never know what sitiution you may be in tommorow spread live and inspiration to those who need it

  8. ankita:

    I agree with you drew it is a race sometimes haha

  9. Z:

    every second of your life because when time passes you can never get it back

  10. susan:

    The opportunity to tell someone how much you love them.

  11. Laila:


  12. b:

    time with your friends and family.

  13. jay:


  14. Gurtej Aulakh:

    Your pride-self respect.

  15. luq:

    the opportunity to fall in love

  16. Gracie:

    Time, because you’ll never get it back
    Life, because you never know when yours is up
    the opportunity to tell someone how much you love them/how much they mean to you

  17. Rob:

    A moment. The oppurtunity to help someone, especially of they have no way of knowing it was you or no way to pay you back

  18. Alicia:

    A beautiful mind

    A good idea (though it should be noted that what is classified as “a good idea” is entirely relative)

    An opportunity to show a loved one how much you care <3
    For example, * hug * to Wesley

    Time (though it should be noted that what is classified as "wasted time" is entirely relative)

  19. Wesley:

    First thought was time, as we really have a limited amount of it.
    But I can’t find a good definition for this.
    Surfing the internet right now instead of studying for my final could be a “waste of time” but I disagree as it’s calming my mind some.

    So current thought is Youth. Again needs a definition, so to start: One should never waste the days of no rent, enjoying the holiday’s from that youthful perspective, and everything else it means to be a kid by worrying or wishing to “grow up.”

    Some people try to grow up too fast and don’t realize how nice these times can be.

    …Also * hug * to Alicia …<3
    Thanks for the smile …another thing that shouldn't be wasted: A smile, if true, can help any bad day. …If not just a little.

  20. Gershon:

    A life. Please don’t kill anyone else today, people. Please?

  21. Caitlyn W:

    Your time with someone. The timing’s not always right so use whatever time you have to get to know the person, to care about the person, and love the person for who he/she is and how they’ve helped you become a better person and changed your life.

  22. Anna:

    Love and the time spent with someone you love

  23. Your time.

    Your life.

    Anything actually, that is of value.

  24. KB:


  25. Time. As the saying goes “lost time is never found again”…

  26. Brendan:

    The small things in life. Sometimes the smallest moment can be the biggest in your life.

  27. I would never waste:

    My time because I’ll never get it back.

    My energy because I could put it into something more fulfilling.

    My love because I don’t want to end up with a broken heart.

  28. erika:


  29. For me this are:
    *Good friendship;
    *Your nerves;

  30. For me this are:
    Good friendship;
    Your nerves;

  31. Rayton:

    your time. It will never come back, no matter what you do. One should enjoy his life, find the passions and do everything to sneak them into one’s day, no matter how stressful it is.

  32. LulĂșM:


  33. Evelyn:


  34. Sevs:

    The grace of God!
    Second Chances.

  35. Julia:


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