Question 651

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  1. Caitlyn W:

    I am looking for direction in life- career-wise, love-wise, life-wise. I’m looking for happiness that leads me in the right direction without all these negative thoughts of “What ifs”. I’m looking for some true “peace” of mind.

  2. Rob:

    Balance. Balance between her home and mine, time with her and time to myself.

  3. Drew:

    Honest to God, just something to do.

  4. m:

    answers and why can’t people just accept each other and go back to the elementary days where everyone is friends.

  5. Wesley:

    Time to do what we want.

  6. Blink:

    Trying to find my happiness, it was very close and now I can’t get out from this hole again.

  7. sergio:

    Wisdom to be a better person.

  8. Looking for a little validation, a bit of wisdom, and a heck of a lot of opportunities to be creative, expressive, and rewarded with everything I just mentioned.

    … a little extra cash under the mattress wouldn’t hurt, either.

  9. Heather:

    where i fit in

  10. Robert L:

    The right road to walk down.

  11. curly:

    What university course to choose next year.

  12. Laila:


  13. TP:

    Acceptance into a university in which I fit 🙂

  14. Gershon:

    God realization. Enlightenment, self-radiant love-bliss. And then, to transmit it in every way to all beings who have the capacity to receive it.

  15. pnog:

    The right road to walk down.

  16. Rob:

    A sign that I’m on the right path

  17. Financial stability and freedom.

  18. To settle down…

  19. jmp_est86:


    It shouldn’t be so hard.

  20. A:

    The remote control

  21. Tristan:

    Can I just stop feeling like I need to look for things in life?

  22. Froggygeneral:

    The people that find the question is more important than the answer, the lovers, the dreamers all of these beautiful people. And I think this website brings people like this here. It brings the people that find they want more out of life, more than what meets the eye. thank you

  23. free:


  24. Fulf:


  25. Alex:

    Possibilities to improve my self and finding this special someone to be right beside me!

  26. Im looking for a direction, answers, and the place where i belong.

  27. Jennie:

    My future.

  28. sureshkumar:

    How to be happy in life in each and every second and every minute.

  29. Rayton:

    Pride- in myself (for being the person I am now and al the attributes i have), in my stage of life and in something bigger I belong to.

  30. Evelyn:

    Freedom of mind and heart.

  31. Aaron W:

    Meaning, direction

  32. Heidi:

    Getting the hell out of high school, moving away from this awful place, and starting my life as ME.

  33. Lauren:

    Comfort in me, confidence in what is next… what I have always deserved, so why so scared?

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