Question 652

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40 Responses to “Question 652”

  1. Robert L:

    What decisions to make. To decide whats right and wrong.

  2. Rob:

    My own muddled head sapce, is the apth I’m on the right one for me or should I strive for something else?

  3. Drew:


  4. Tessa:

    How I will survive Christmas…

  5. ankita:


  6. Sound&Fury:

    The opposite sex…

  7. Laila:


  8. pnog:

    Language barriers

  9. emj:


  10. Kelson:


  11. SURYA:


  12. Kawwww:

    You wouldn’t believe it. ><

  13. Zoe:

    Money and comparing myself and what I have to everyone around me

  14. Heather:

    @ Tessa: lol
    my own self. I can’t figure out what is important. I can’t stay focused. I need help.
    Any one have any suggestions?

  15. KB:


  16. LoraLee:

    My Ex who has been calling/texting several times a day (over 20(together) sometimes) saying rude and hurtful things for the last 6 months yet still thinking we are together!

  17. Labyrinthitis while 7 months pregnant ! I can’t work, can’t go out of the house alone.

  18. KYLi:

    Me, Myself and I

  19. Mike:

    Skin cancer.

  20. calm24/7:

    deciding to work on or leave a 17 year relationship; figuring out why i am not grateful for my life

  21. me…always 🙂

  22. Silvana:

    Unresolved issues that cause me to run from the people that I love most.

  23. LJ:

    My horrible job. I want to quit but I need the money.

  24. Joe:

    School, Scholarships, the opposite sex, myself.

  25. yayauidhe:


  26. kv:

    college plans and how to pay for it.

  27. Rachael:

    My ambition…I try too hard to be perfect, when I fall short of my expectations I get depressed. I wish I could just stop being bad at everything

  28. erika:

    depression. its just mild and i’m good at faking.

  29. the flight of ideas bred by discontent.

  30. houda24:

    being affraid stops me from moving forward

  31. Alex:

    My passion to optimize my daily time to the fullest.

  32. Jennie:

    the pain that i put myself through, that i finally had to let go..

  33. Rayton:


  34. LulúM:

    Loneliness too, and a coworker, I shouldn’t let her I know.

  35. Evelyn:

    My parent’s divorce, my career choice and my back problems.

  36. Heidi:

    My “next step in life” decisions. The tug of war consisting of letting out the truth or keeping everyone comfortable and safe.

  37. Lauren:

    How much will unfilled places in my life, hurt happiness? Sadly… I’m past speculating, I know… What a bitch that is…

  38. C:

    Pain and the memory of the painful situation.

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