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  1. Anastasia:

    My mother, a mother of nine, was a philosopher, and one of the most interesting women I have ever known. She died when my first son was eight months old. I wish I could remember the last conversation that we had…or could manage through the fog of conversations we had just before she passed.

  2. Sar:

    Birth. Giving birth to all my 3 babies.

  3. Rob:

    Anything about my Uncle. He died when I was very young.

  4. ankita:

    the seet innocene of my childhood

  5. Coley:

    my dad. the memory of him in my life and the love we shared.

  6. Angria:

    The years with my fave professor. I learned so much in his classes, both academically and personally.

  7. Wesley:

    My trip to Sweden with my uncle. I was pretty young at the time, and really shy so I don’t remember many specifics.

    I just wish I could relive that trip now. 🙂

  8. Robert L:

    When she was here…

  9. Schlomo:

    Conversations with my online friend Alex. We were so close for a year and a half. I saved all chat logs so I could reread. But they’re lost now. I haven’t talked to him for months. Conversations with two new friends have taken over that space in my life. I can’t remember the little things about him anymore. The chat logs were deleted when my laptop crashed and my flashdrive was washed in the laundry. I’d like to talk to him today. To see how much we’ve moved on when, on the brink of depression, we believed we never would part.

  10. pnog:


  11. blue eyes:

    The last time I was truly happy…if ever.

  12. Heather:

    my mother. she was killed when I was 8. from time to time I get these amazingly crystal clear memories, but i just wish I had more.

  13. Heather:

    The last time I really kissed my soul mate before he was gone.

  14. Kawwww:

    Dear Heather,I’m so sorry for you.

  15. Christine:

    my childhood happiness/innocence

  16. Bethany:

    My fist kiss with my soulmate. I just remember it being perfect.

  17. Rachael:

    My mom tells me about when I was very young, my dad would always read me the book “Where the Wild Things Are”. Now, however many years later, I don’t even remember the book…I really wish I had that memory now to cherish

  18. Alex:

    My grandpa got Alzheimer’s disease the same year I was born. I only remember him in his wheelchair. I wish I could remember him walking.

  19. Good memories from my childhood.

  20. Siren Song:

    The feeling of being head over heels in love… I’ve lost my illusions about love, and can’t even remember the feeling, though I think I’m happier without it, as it has forced me search for meaning in other ways.

  21. zoe:

    -the summer nights i spent with him when i was 15. i was a different person then, i was happy.

  22. Jed:

    Memories of my best friend when we still hung out all the time.

  23. ct:

    memories with my dog. and my old best friend. and when i cried with him.

  24. Rayton:

    More memories of my childhood, when my grandfather and aunt were still alive. It’s hard for me to accept I don’t remember much of them, as if time really erases everything.

  25. Caine:

    My little brothers laugh and smile

  26. Ann:

    I wish I could remember my Dad

  27. Evelyn:

    That time from that picture: i’m turning my back to the lake near my cottage, wearing a PFD, my arms aroung my dog, smiling in that sunny day.

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