Question 655

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37 Responses to “Question 655”

  1. Dan:

    Worrying about things I can’t control

  2. Deanna:

    To stop being walked all over

  3. Heather:

    judging myself based on what others think.

  4. Blink:

    * Berating myself for the past.
    * Being too hard on myself and putting myself down

  5. m:

    worrying about what others think about me and i need to stop putting myself down bc sometimes i believe them.

  6. Kris:

    -Falling for people that are only gonna make me cry…
    -Hating myself

  7. Letting others influence me instead of trusting my own feelings and instincts more.

  8. Caitlyn W:

    I need to stop doing so many things for people and being a “door-mat”.

  9. ankita:

    stop being nice and caring for everyone that iI forget to care for myself
    need to stop spaeking myself in a harsh way being a own critic

  10. Wesley:

    biting my nails, a horrible habit I’ve had since at least middle school.

  11. lucemuce:

    stop being afraid to accept what I already know

  12. pnog:

    staying up late and not working out.

  13. free:


  14. b:

    putting other people first and letting myself get walked on.

  15. rain:

    Waiting to be divorced and see him convivted.

  16. Robert L:

    Thinking of myself as less than im worth

  17. Alicia:

    wondering about worst case scenarios
    worrying about how I could lose people
    staying up late
    biting lips
    picking at skin around nails

  18. Joe:

    Making myself my last priority
    Getting my hopes up
    Worrying about things I can’t control
    Being so difficult

  19. d:

    being too concerned about what others are thinking and how they are living their lives and how I’m not living mine as I should
    how everyone is having more fun then me
    gloryfying the ex who hurt me so much

  20. Maimai:

    Putting my needs, desires and opportunities last to save someone else when they can help themselves.

  21. ;;;:

    Cutting myself…

  22. s:

    i need to stop putting myself down. every time i call myself an idiot or and asshole, my boyfriend looks at me like, ‘why is it so easy for you to call yourself that?’. my father did a number, that’s for sure.

  23. Tessa:

    I need to stop cutting myselv and starve myselv to death…

  24. Kat:

    stop cutting, telling my self im worthless and no one will ever love me and that my boyfriend is using me when really he loves me alot.

  25. houda24:

    judging my self about what others think of me
    stop being affraid of life

  26. thinking i’m not enough

  27. gonzalo:

    Continuously rewinding the past and the wrong that was done to me,
    even if I will forever suffer the consequences.

  28. ct:

    torturing myself by thinking of what i couldve done in the past. self-harm.

  29. Camarodiva:

    Treating myself worse than I treat everyone and everything else.
    To stop internalizing everyone else’s issues and deal with my own.

  30. Jennie:

    hurting myself, physically and emotionally, and doubting myself.. i’m better than i give myself credit for.

  31. Rayton:

    -underestimating myself
    -having those absolute negative thoughts

  32. Alex:

    To stop distracting myself from not urgent not important things.

  33. Evelyn:

    Refraining my love.

  34. Heidi:

    oooo…personal one. Cutting. That’s the first major one.

  35. Lauren:

    Believing in the impossible…

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