Question 656

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30 Responses to “Question 656”

  1. Robert L:

    Believing in myself.

  2. m:

    being nice and loosening up a little bit. i feel like i’m just a mean person and i don’t want to be.

  3. Drew:


  4. ankita:

    not teasing my closets friends eventhough i don’t mean no harm I don’t know if i have ever upset them

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  6. Richard:

    Going to bed earlier

  7. TBone:

    Stop throwing obstacles in my own path that derail me from doing things that I think would add richness to my life. For example, “I’m too busy running my business to find time to volunteer.” ……really?

  8. Joe:

    Believing in myself
    Taking things slower and easier
    Stop procrastinating
    Caring about myself instead of what others think

  9. Although I appreciate the credit, please please please please do not put text over my photos ever again.

  10. Mike:

    Making time for my kids. They need to know they always come first.

  11. Christine:

    believing in myself

  12. pnog:

    studying science/math/engineering.

  13. s:

    listening when it counts

  14. Elev8:

    Believing in myself, my abilities and talents. I should not settle because I know I can do better and greater things in life, love, and career.

  15. Heather:

    go out. i sit in at home every night unless I am working. someone want to go out? lol

  16. Wesley:

    I should save money more than I do. It’s impossible with paying for college out of pocket though.
    I suppose I spend too much money on entertainment, but I follow the work hard, play hard idea.

    I tell myself as soon as I graduate all that money that goes to college can go to savings, as following my current plan I’ll graduate virtually debt free 🙂

  17. Letting my friends help me.

  18. i need to love more in a disinterested way (i.e. not wanting anything in return)

  19. Niv:


  20. Alicia:

    Working on my thesis, researching career ideas, researching internships, etc.

  21. Caitlyn W:

    Working out
    Believing in myself
    Look to myself for happiness and not others.

  22. houda24:

    i want to stop being affraid of making mistakes

  23. Eating healthily and packing lunch

  24. Jed:

    Putting myself first before everyone else.

  25. Jennie:


  26. Alex:

    My daily tasks 🙂

  27. Evelyn:

    Proving my friends I love them before I move out.

  28. Lauren:

    Remember that not everyone sees the world the way I do…

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