Question 657

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  1. Mike:

    I can’t stop procrastinating. I keep saying “this time I mean it. I need to get off my ass and do _______.” But I never do.

  2. jay:


  3. Christine:

    dreaming about true love

  4. m:

    sleeping and being a smartass. i need to get better

  5. sav:

    i cant stop hurting.

  6. Alicia:

    loving him

  7. Elev8:

    Putting my career, essentially, my life, on hold due to procrastination.

  8. ankita:

    working caring too much that people think your a nosy idiot

  9. Heather:

    thinking about music. i have songs running through my head 26/8! lol i work in a factory and everyone has earplugs because it’s so loud. So I can belt out songs at the top of my lungs and you can only hear me if you are right next to me. =)

  10. x.:

    Listening to music. Waiting for something to happen, for someone to take me away from my life. Or change it. FPR THE BETTER, if you’re listening up there!

  11. pnog:


  12. Heather:

    Loving KC; for better or for worse she’ll be the one everyone else has to live up to.

  13. WEsrdtfyguhijopo:

    pooping. its some crazy sh**

  14. Wesley:

    loving her
    try to fix things

  15. Filling the freezer, the cupboards, the fridge like we were about to starve and there were no grocery stores for kilometers and kilometers and they were in another city and we had to go through a haunted forest.

  16. wanting control.

  17. Kawwww:

    face stucking 4 so long, ewww i hate it

  18. Geocaching. 🙂

  19. christine:

    being obsessed with the internet… like right now. oh and not having enough self confidence in myself

  20. yodalayeehoo:

    having sex. its beginning to become a bit unhealthy. but what can I say? guys are completely attracted to me its crazy. Im a guy magnet. its like a sign is hanging on me saying COME FUCK ME. PLEASE, I WOULD LOVE IT. but actually thats what I think anyway so….

  21. fuckmagnet:

    what yo digits yodalayeehoo??? got a feelin imma like you in bed

  22. Julie Takase:


  23. Alex:

    On the negative side: i am still watch some stupid series from time to time.
    On the positive side: I am still passionate about the work i am doing.

  24. Shannon:


  25. Evelyn:

    Imagining another life of mine.

  26. Heidi:

    Eating. Sucks honestly, I’d love to not be active and still eat and not gain weight. I’m heavy enough as it is and I work out intensively for an hour a day…but if I stop it’s like, super bad. Yea, so I eat.

  27. Lauren:


  28. Someono_From_Somewhere:

    Masturbating 🙁 … I got couple but it feels great!

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