Question 659

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  1. m:

    if i was president

  2. V3nD1:

    No humans

  3. xx:


  4. If modern medicine doctors could just say that ancient medicien is okay and have a list of what works.

  5. Artsnminds:

    Letting myself be more open and loving

  6. ankita:

    help the unfortune and unspoil the rich

  7. bjkguyhj:

    V3nD1… No humans? really? I’m guessing you are a human… so are you hinting that if we all died, the world would be a better place? Somehow, I find that offensive… Because there are people on this earth who help, and try their hardest to change everything. By saying that, you are completely disregarding the attempts that these amazing people do to help. rude.

  8. Get rid of money….permanently. Bring back exchanging skills for reward which will re-establish individual worth and bring more equality across the planet.

  9. pnog:

    Legalize marijuana. I agree with the no humans bit if you take the stance that humans are separate from the earth, but not if you take the approach that humanity is part of the earth.

  10. Heather:

    mint chocolate chip ice cream =)

  11. V3nD1:

    @bjkguyhj Can you please tell me who made it that way in the first place??? I don’t give a fuck if you think I’m rude and yes, I really think that the world would be a better place.

  12. Compassion and understanding.
    A whole lot less of the ‘me’ culture

  13. Wesley:

    “A better place” could mean many things. To some a better place may be no death\war\fighting\etc. ,a utopia made society of some sort like so many books tell.

    To me? Not to sound crazy and out there, but I honestly think “a better place” would exist if Earth was attacked, if other life was discovered …if humans realized we are not alone and we need to unite to survive.

    …Maybe I watched a little too much Star Trek as a kid 😉

  14. Alicia:

    Society stopped pressuring people to conform to gender stereotypes

  15. Anna:

    to have a government that truly cared about the less fortunate

  16. bjkguyhj:

    GOD!!!!!!!! and god is beautiful damnit. I cherish evry minute I spend with him, he completees me. He’s my only friend, he gets me. I could never live without him. So don’t be dissing him. and you know what you are rude. and you may not care but guess who does? GOD. BOOM ROASTED. Have fun in hell bastard
    p.s. gfwp
    ^^^you probably not cool enough to know what that means. it kinda a private joke between God and I.

  17. V3nD1:

    Enjoy your god!
    I’ll wait for you there!

    BTW are you American or something?

  18. bjkguyhj:

    @V3nD1 i’m german

  19. Rotmos:

    Stability in life

  20. Finding peace within myself.

  21. Jennie:

    my best friend being here.

  22. Julie Takase:

    if the violence could just stop.

  23. Debbie:


  24. Courtney:

    Unity, getting rid of money, less societal pressures and violence and individualistic needs, and more peace sounds good.

    Maybe if people finally realized how interconnected the people and the environment is today; how much we need each other.
    Or if everyone considered the long term and global consequences of their actions and took responsibility for them.

  25. sonofpersia:

    peace and justice

  26. Rayton:

    If people actually started caring about others, having better connections with their communities, with their nations and with the world. Humans can be amazing, it´s all about not being indidifferent and about showing empathy and love.

  27. Evelyn:

    Understanding of differences.

  28. Lauren:

    You, being you… the you that you were born to become. Then supporting me and who I was meant to become….

  29. Ironic:

    Money and class separation.

    Note: I respect all opinions

    Does anyone find it ironic the person sticking up for humanity and god completely assumed the other person was going to hell for a comment they disagreed with? Talk about judgement. Should you not love all gods creations good or bad, similar or different, if you really want to go that route wouldn’t you want to represent your god in the best way possible?

  30. Ironic:

    * I meant NO money and NO separation of any kind.

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