Question 664

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  1. sasha:

    -him being gone.

  2. Drew:

    How beautiful music and life really is.

    And how cute my cat is.

  3. m:

    special and amazing things that has happened in your life (:

  4. Justin:

    The memories that got you here today

  5. Sar:


  6. Rob:

    the feeling of near total freedom

  7. Robert L:

    Loving and being loved

  8. ct:

    first love

  9. pnog:

    past regrets. yet we must do it to move on.

  10. blinkboomcrash:

    that I’m a lonely loser who gets on here in my free time, venting all of my feelings to the fucking internet, when I could be socializing… duhhhh

  11. Heather:

    my past

  12. christine:


  13. ankita:

    assuming that someone is mean and heartlesss and giving them a big lecture about how they are idiots but all along they were the ones helping the earth i just misunderstood them…:(

    when your having an amazing time but hours later you relise when your were having the time of your life innocent people around the world were getting killed

    when you tell your mother her cooking isnt good withoutt relising the hurt you gave her and that i have a great amount of food to eat whereas some people dont even have a grain of rice…………

  14. Caitlyn:

    knowing that I cheated on him so many times in the past. I regret it each & every day. That was then and this is now and I’m a changed person because of the things that have happened to me since then and I will never cheat on another again.
    But I still will never forget the hurt I caused myself when I cheated, it was stupid and unfair to do to him (although he has never found out). I will never do it again.

    Love is worth more than that.

  15. Alicia:

    True wisdom and good stories are hard to forget. Those things stay with you, even if you’re too little to understand why.

  16. Robert:

    The kiss of a woman that you truly loved and no longer in your life as she requested.

  17. SB:


  18. Julie Takase:

    my first love was impossible to forget…. then one day, i experienced true love.

  19. Debbie:

    words….because once said they can never be taken back

  20. my best venky.. its too hard to forget him actully i wont lavi my life without him … he is my strength nd he is my weakness

  21. if we love any love truly its impossible to forget

  22. Being lied to.

  23. LulĂșM:

    dissapointment and lies from someone I once loved, left a big scar

  24. JakiChase:


  25. Jay Krys:

    when an awesome friendship just broke overnite

  26. Rayton:

    What you really want to become

  27. Ann:

    The first lost love

  28. Evelyn:

    Old friends.

  29. Rina:

    First love.

  30. Luke:


  31. Heidi:

    The first time I cried entirely through the night. As pathetic as it may sound to others, I cried non-stop for a complete night after my mother told me she was getting rid of my horse. As a loner and an awkward teenager he was my true and only friend. Seeing your friend ripped away from you by someone who should have no right to do so…I will never forget how that felt.

  32. Lauren:


  33. C:

    When someone hurts you as badly as I was hurt.

  34. michelle:

    how you allowed yourself to be taken for a fool. all the while you know what was happening.

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