Question 665

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  1. Heather:

    say i love you to someone.

  2. Saleem:

    Grow mentally, physically, and spiritually

  3. m:

    pray, or if you aren’t religious or spiritual do whatever you do that means a lot to you.

  4. Angria:

    Remind myself who I am and why I am the way I am.
    “All is vanity and a chasing after the wind.”

  5. christine:

    tell my loved ones i love them…. and exercise more

  6. fabian:

    go to sleep to rest my physical body.:-)

  7. erika:

    just take a breath and look at the world around you

  8. ankita:

    apprecita the beautiful people arround you and inspire people to become better by words also come to marc and angel hack life-thought questions eveyday

    exercise more and enjoy the beauty odf this world

  9. susan:

    Simply . . . be THANKFUL

  10. Observe our thoughts.

  11. pnog:

    Eat and sleep properly. It’s amazing how many people don’t do this. Even even more pathetic when you realize that so many other people don’t even have the ability to do it.

  12. Make time for:

    Exercise and leisure reading.

  13. Wesley:

    Show\tell someone in your life how much they mean to you.

    …You mean the world to me Alicia <3

  14. Alicia:

    Sleep, as it doesn’t always happen.
    Making someone smile should happen every day, too.

    Also…Wesley has a good point.
    …same for you, Wesley <3

  15. to love myself

  16. Laugh and have fun

  17. Debi Grotz:

    Live, Laugh, Love…

  18. Jennie:


  19. Lazlo:


  20. Julie Takase:

    appreciate those that love me. forget the ones that dont.

  21. Linda:


  22. Debbie:

    Smile and tell someone how much you love them

  23. Marie:

    Simle 🙂 the more u do it the more natural it becomes and the happier you become.

  24. Marie:

    Also, to cry. :'( Holding it all in hurts you. Everyday you need to cry let it all out and be honest with yourself.

  25. JakiChase:

    Dance. Sing. Laugh. Cry. Be alone for a little while to just be with yourself.

  26. Maria:


  27. Rayton:

    calling- to the people I care about

  28. Ann:

    Look up at the sky and appreciate the would around you

  29. Ria:

    Pray, exercise.

  30. Evelyn:

    Say my dad I love him.

  31. Heidi:

    Look at the sky. One of my coaches told his team to do this everyday, for the sky will never be the same. You will realize after looking into the sky, how much everyday is different, in the differences of the clouds there are differences in the people around you. In the most extravagant sunrises there are renewed inspirations, in the most humble rains there is a chance of cleansing.

  32. Me:

    exercise, do something you enjoy, say I love you, meditate.

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