Question 666

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39 Responses to “Question 666”

  1. molly:


  2. Danni:

    The dark times.

  3. Micky:


  4. Phoenix13:

    The ability to get professional photos with narny and gramps, mom and dad, and the kids. If you can get three generations in one photo this season, DO IT!

  5. Heather:

    your ability to do things. anything.
    When I was younger I LOVED tumbling and cartwheels and all of that, but I have tendonitis in my wrists. not to mention all the other things wrong with me. my wrists can’t handle a lot of pressure on them. even just leaning on my hands hurts. i’m only 19.

  6. good and bad times

  7. John Ptacek:

    Life is eternal, but all that it creates eventually fades away.

  8. Incrediburgers:

    Black people acting civil.

  9. the way things were

  10. Dage:

    I didn’t expect racism here. That’s something that will last forever. 🙁

  11. ankita:

    relationships based on lies

  12. Leila:


  13. pnog:

    All things come to an end eventually.

  14. susan:

    What Molly said.
    And it’s hard to fully appreciate until it’s gone.

  15. Poo Poo Kachoo:

    OMG!!1!1! 666! :-O The number of the Devil!!! REPENT! REPENT! The DEVIL never sleeps! Hellfire lasts forever! Bend over!

  16. John:

    a good cup of coffee and most of the electrical equipment these days.

  17. Mike G:

    Your health.

  18. kkb:

    cupcakes and ice cream on a summer day

  19. Catherine:


  20. Alicia:

    Youth, health, capability, and many possessions.

  21. Robert L:

    Nothing lasts forever

  22. Debi Grotz:


  23. Lazlo:

    leftover Chinese food

  24. Looks and…everything else. “This too shall pass”, good and bad.

  25. Julie Takase:

    the tattoo your first love got!

  26. winston:


  27. Debbie:


  28. Christine:

    Nothing lasts

  29. Incrediburgers:


  30. LulúM:


  31. Leslie:

    According to the Mayans the world… I say my paycheck.

  32. Rayton:


  33. Ann:

    Heartache. Everything looks up, even during harsh times.

  34. Shannon:


  35. Evelyn:


  36. Luke:


  37. Lauren:


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