Question 33

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  1. Nic:

    Not trying is worse, although sometimes the fall can really hurt.

  2. failing is one time thing.
    when the wound is healed there’s only scare reminding us be careful when the same danger occurs.

    but not trying sometimes can be a long term torture.
    people spend the rest of their life wondering what if they just tried.

  3. kimmi:

    Never trying. We can all make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

    But if we never tried, how would we know if it would be a mistake, or something better?

  4. skit:

    the answer is apparent.

    Worst is not trying.

    Falling gives you something even though it might not be a sweet ones. But not trying you are getting none at the end of the day except a bunch of rhetorical question asking “what if I had tried it?”.

  5. Cassie:

    Never trying.

  6. sailor:

    How can u fail if you never try? If you ask me which is worst, well if i say “never trying” than i failed to try. Then again if i say “failing” is worst then i “never tried” to fail yet i did hence i am saying “failing” is worst. “Failing” and “never trying” can go hand in hand yet be a competition, simultaneously. Hence the question structure should be more refined and less ambiguous.

  7. Bill:

    “Man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what is heaven for”?
    I haven’t a clue who wrote this, I read it first, years ago, today at 66, I am still reaching for the stars, I never want to stop. Bill

  8. steve:

    never trying is failing. therefor you would always fail until you succeed. trying and failing is always better than not trying and failing. at least something is learned and gains when you put forth effort and fail.

  9. Mike:

    The only time I can think failing is worse is if you attempt something that could cost you your life, such as a stunt or expedition

  10. Sarina:

    Never trying..because if we fail at something we know we have tried.

  11. shawn:

    I like how everyone knows the right answer…but how often do they not try at all, and never think twice. There are things you dont do every day, but when you give it your all and fail. It is the worst feeling in the world. You put it all on the line and still couldnt do it. Then you realize…you didnt have a chance. The doubt can bring about a chain of more doubt with everything else you do. It just eventually makes you not want to try in other aspects of your life.

    – i also think the only time to just go for it is when its a stunt or your life is on the line. Few things can beat the feeling that you did something that none others could.

  12. Grace:

    Not trying, because you never know. Failing is like a mistake, we learn from them.

  13. Romer Jed:

    After trying so hard and failing so many times, I’m more proud of myself for at least trying as opposed to not trying at all and wondering if I could have done it.

  14. Abtin:

    Never trying. I could go into lengthy detail but if I have to and you have to read it, it’s best that you just continue to not keep trying.

  15. Rich:

    If one has never failed,it is because he has never tried.

  16. Jenny from the Block:

    Never trying. You would spend the rest of your life wondering “What If”. Trying would remove all possible doubt.

  17. The Rev:

    Never trying.

  18. Buxomwench:

    never trying. Every time. If you never try, you can never succeed.

  19. Sometimes I will tell my GF that I want to try to do a particular thing, she will tell me that I shouldn’t because “what about that time you tried something and it didn’t work out” meaning that in her mind, one failure precludes any future attempts to better yourself because if you fail once you will fail again.

  20. Jake Belyeu:

    Never trying because you as a person you place up your own obstacles in life so if you fail try again if you can’t solve it try another way. But never give up trying

  21. Mallory:

    Never trying because then you’ll always know. IF you fail,atleast you can say you tried and gave effort and move on and learn from that.

  22. Steven:

    Never trying

  23. Shelby:

    If you do not try you have been equally as unsuccessful at getting what you wanted as if you had tried and failed in the first place.

    “You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.”

  24. Jason:

    “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing” -Theodore Roosevelt

  25. Anonymous:

    If you don’t try, you have already failed.

  26. April:

    Never trying. You don’t have a chance of succeeding if you can’t even manage to try.

  27. Aimee:

    If you never try you can never fail.. but failing to try means you never succeed. Failing is a natural process of learning. We can learn from our mistakes. We cannot learn from doing nothing.

  28. Amanda:

    Never trying

  29. Megan:

    Failing hurts worse in the short term, but not trying hurts worse long term.

  30. Jomz:

    Never trying, because there might be an opportunity if you tried then you’ll regret to yourself if you haven’t did it.

  31. Nick:

    Never trying is way way worse. You fail on something but that’s fine, at least with that experience you learn something more about yourself, your limitations and everything. When you don’t try, you’ll never know if you’re even capable of doing it.

  32. Michael Hitchcock:

    Never trying is almost always worse.

  33. Boby:

    Never trying definitely because like my mom used to say you never know unless you try

  34. Rowena:

    “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” If you don’t try, you fail. If you fail, at least you tried.

  35. sabrina:

    never trying

  36. chichay:

    not trying is even worse than failing coz if you never try you will never know if you’ll fail or succeed

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