Question 670

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42 Responses to “Question 670”

  1. Leila:

    genuine peace of mind.

  2. s:

    what is this?

  3. meh:

    s made my day

  4. m:


  5. Heather:


  6. jay:

    A good name, Love, good manners

  7. VickiB:

    Him, and also him, and them. (They know who they are.) A good night’s sleep. Music. Sunshine. Good food.

  8. Julie Takase:

    my best friend.

  9. kp:

    time lost

  10. Drew:


    Megablocks ain’t shit.

  11. Kim:

    Good health

  12. Unnur:


  13. Wesley:

    LOL, Amen Drew. Only LEGO’s indeed. 🙂

    A good night’s sleep. A kiss\hug from the one you love.
    Also, a good steak. Chicken and fish I can survive without, but no form of Tofu comes even close to substituting a delicious steak\burger.

  14. susan:

    Inner peace

  15. ewuifhhobc:


  16. Robert L:

    You cant substitute

  17. pnog:


  18. Alicia:

    LOL, agreed Wesley.
    Steak has no substitute, and a good night’s sleep can only ever be slightly compensated for.

    There is no substitute for peace of mind, health, and love.

  19. Peggy Cronin:

    There is no substitute for: Warmth when you’re cold; Air conditioning when you’re HOT; Food when hungry/ drink when thirsty; Friendly hugs when feeling down, and Love to make it all worthwhile!

  20. My sister.

    There is no substitute for a sister. Especially if she is your only sibling. I lost mine September 4, 2011. I have no idea how I will live without her in my life after having her by my side for 41 years.

  21. nekp:


  22. Debbie:

    A sense of self worth and being totally happy within yourself

  23. Kim:

    My family – the one i created. Which is my husband and my bestest friend in the world, and my two children. I LOVE being a mom and i’ve truly enjoyed my 27 years of marriage.

  24. CharmedPeacekeeper:

    The love of your Six… The Six True friends that will carry you through life to the grave. There’s no substitute for the love and support of your best friends. <3

  25. Incrediburgers:


  26. Love



  27. Marie:

    People who truly care about you. You can try to make it alone. You can try to be though and say you dont care what others think. You can try to just do your own thing and go your way all alone. But in the end we all need someone who cares about us. Someone who we can turn to when things are when things are bad. Someone who no matter what you do or say all ways still cares about you. And someone who will tell you the honest truth when you ask. Without that we will never be happy. We will never understand the things we need to and we will be free.

  28. Tibby:


  29. Courtney:

    ^ Like
    People, Memories, Me.

  30. malyn:

    my mom

  31. Becca:

    There is no substitute for an individual person, so never take anybody for granted. That includes yourself.

  32. JD:

    Helping others

  33. Maria:


  34. Rayton:

    True friendship, or strong connection between people.

  35. Ria:

    Real butter.

  36. Shannon:

    The touch of someone you love

  37. Evelyn:

    My dad.

  38. Danielle:

    Great music. The people I love. TVD. Diet Coke. Pizza. All my favourite little things!

  39. Luke:

    What’s already there.

  40. Lauren:

    Everything beautiful is rooted strongly in the love that sustained its drive to create it..

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