Question 671

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  1. Inge:

    I am not afraid.

  2. Emma:

    I am afraid. If I wasn’t, I’d laugh more. Pursue opportunities. And fall in love.

  3. Robert L:

    Talk to more people.

  4. Em:

    if i were NOT afraid, i would tell people about the things that are wrong with me. but i AM afraid. so, i’ll suffer in silence.

  5. m:

    I’d not hold back and do everything i wasn’t afraid of

  6. Katie:

    I would move on from my ex boyfriend. I would realize that what we had didn’t work and instead of dwelling on what may have been i would accept that we will both be happier to stop considering what we may loose. I fear what my life looks like without him, and that hurdle is a mountain of non-sense.

  7. AM:

    Fail…but that would be a good thing.

  8. Drew:

    I know this may be fucked up, but I’d pushed myself to see just what the human can physically do, what he can take before he dies. I don’t know, I’m assuming it sounds weird, but it’s damn fascinating to me.

  9. Heather:

    tell a few people off. explain my feelings

  10. Wesley:

    fear makes me reconsider and think about the actions I am about to take. If I was not afraid I would probably do something really, really stupid.

  11. m:

    live my life the way – I – want… not as other expect me to

  12. Debbie:

    Live life to the fullest without fear of my own self doubts

  13. MamaD:

    I would laugh more, wear sparkles, dance in the rain. I would jump into things without worrying about a safety net. I would enjoy my life more than I do.

  14. Kim Sanderson:

    Do more with my business instead of keeping it small, it would go BIG!!!

  15. Christine:

    I’d dress however the heck i want to. Explore the whole world. Say all my opinions and be as honest as i can be.

  16. court:

    swim far out into the ocean, and not be afraid of the deep

  17. be more social and productive

  18. Shabs:

    I would sing my songs in public. God, grant me the confidence to do so please!!!

  19. Gracie:

    Always tell the unvarnished truth. To EVERYBODY.

  20. ankita:

    be who I am…who I really am instead I let others control me

  21. Call him and ask him just one thing.


  22. SunShine:

    Run away from home and live by myself in the wild.

  23. Courtney:

    I would change my major and pursue something that I have no idea I would succeed in– but might actually love.
    I’d stop worrying over what others want me to do and what I should do, and instead just concentrate on what I want in life.

  24. Without fear I would be dead. because I think I would have killed myself

  25. Anonymous:


  26. Incrediburgers:

    Naked. All the time.

  27. notfornothing:

    i would call him and say, “stop messing around and BE with ME already. im tired of waiting.”

  28. vcm:

    if i wasn’t afraid of people talking behind my back, or people criticizing me, or people ignoring me, i would probably more a more self-confident, outgoing person who’s more carefree…

  29. If I were not afraid, I would tell the person I like that I like him..

  30. Hope:

    I’d go all the way up on the camp swing 🙂

    And eventually I will climb a mountain, keep a pet spider, be outside during a storm, and generally act on my whims (as long as they are kind).

  31. JakiChase:

    I would get on a pedestal, wearing exactly what I wanted to wear, with the haircut and makeup exactly how I would want it, get a megaphone, and scream to the middle of the city, “I AM NOT OKAY!”

    I would choreograph a contemporary dance to Adele’s Turning Tables and perform it at every location that my ex and I went while we were together.

    I would sing and play a cover of Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson at my school’s music talent show. Which I might do anyway, but I’m considering just singing a solo instead, which I’ve never done.

  32. Maria:


  33. Rayton:

    Talk more to people, especially to strangers.

  34. Ann:

    I would go on fear factor…… 🙂

  35. Evelyn:

    Fall in love.

  36. Danielle:

    Go on adventures. Be with someone heart and soul. TRY!

  37. Lauren:

    A question I seek to answer every single day….

  38. McKenzie:

    Leave college and actually do something productive in the world. I really just want to photograph the world for everyone to see and explore the places lost to time in the world. I just feel right now that I’m paying thousands of dollars to learn things either I will use very infrequently or already know. I have enough AP credits to be considered credit wise a second semester sophomore, but my college only takes lower level maths like statistics. I guess I just have to wait.

  39. MrSexobeat:

    Knowing that if u don’t take a risk , you’ll be standing at the same point for ever, I’m only going to regret about the things that I could do , but I haven’t done in my life. +++ the fact that I don’t like it feeling sad about the past ==>

    I’m not afraid 🙂 no matter how hard you’re trying

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