Question 673

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36 Responses to “Question 673”

  1. m:

    i don’t really know. sleep?

  2. Angria:

    An acceptance letter

  3. Karen:

    I am waiting for my life to happen to me, but deep down I know I need to work hard to make my life what I want it to be. No more following the path of least resistance.

  4. Drew:

    Friday, I can leave!

  5. Helms:


  6. Kiersten:

    I am hoping that my best friend will learn to love me, the way I love him. But I do not think that will ever happen.

  7. Danni:

    Him. =/

  8. I am hoping for the motivation and self-discipline to get the things done in my life that I need to get done the most.

  9. Luci:

    a job

  10. Inez:

    That he will realize that i would never treat him the way she does and that when we were together he was happier =/ (hope kinda sucks sometimes cause u just get hurt in the end) =/

  11. jw:

    The time I feel peaceful and happy in my heart.

  12. Inge:

    Someone who will be my love.

  13. N:


  14. Wesley:

    I’m waiting for the next semester to begin and I’m hoping it is a good one. 🙂

  15. Heather:

    me to finally figure out what it is that I want!!! i HATE indecision.

  16. Dungeon:

    Death. I wish I could make it happen.

  17. Late:

    My period.

  18. tee:

    To finally get pregnant.

  19. Leila:

    his proposal.

  20. Heide:

    I am waiting for…physical,mental,emotional,and spiritual healing and strength after a situation broke me. I guess I get a little bit every day but still most of my energy is spent just keeping myself together….feels heavy.

  21. Blink:

    I’m waiting for my logical brain to kick itself and for me to be able to have full faith in God. I’ve got two sides bickering with each other :S. I’m also waiting for the nicotine urges to go away >.>

    Other than that…nothing really. Everything will happen when it’s supposed to.

  22. Alicia:

    Waiting and hoping for:
    a breakthrough in a couple analyses I have
    a great summer with my boyfriend, a cruise, and friends
    3 last, good semesters at college…in which I have time for martial arts practice

  23. Courtney:

    I’m hoping and waiting for better television shows and infomercials– 90’s cartoons and Billy Mays you will be missed.

  24. I hope for nothing. I embrace whatever happens, good or bad. Life is not supposed to be wonderful; it’s just suppoed to be life, and I don’t want to waste a minute of it with my head stuck in the future.

  25. J:

    A job for my husband who has been experiencing long term unemployment, hoping it will get us moving in a forward direction and ease the unrelenting massive stress we’ve had

  26. vcm:

    Him and him.

  27. tahi:

    find a good job that inspire me,i think i’m lost in my society. also I wish those who feel heavy and are depressed become alright & see the happy face of life 🙂

  28. Rayton:

    Seeing tremendous adancement in my personal growth, being coser to who I want to be.

  29. Sadies (From Ohio, USA):

    For Him. But I know it’s in the process so I will keep waiting <3

  30. Ria:

    For us to get married!

  31. Evelyn:


  32. Danielle:

    A miracle.

    Realistically? A good job.

  33. Luke:

    Fulfillment and Happiness.

  34. Lauren:

    Faith, grave and patience….

  35. Lauren:


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