Question 674

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  1. Drew:

    A lot more Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros, for N64 of course.

  2. m:

    more sleep

  3. lucia antonelli:

    living in the present with no judgements about who am…to have an intrinsic sense of trust that evrything is as it should be…that who i am is absolutely okay.

  4. Incrediburgers:

    Fewer SmartCars. If errybody used proper grammar and punctuation. More good stuff. Less shit stuff. Fewer amounts and less ambiguous estimation. More clean breaks after taking a dump. Minorities acting civil. $5 footlongs. Christmas with the Kranks. Taco night. Rallies. Plinko. Minigolf. Ice cold water. Daffydills. Weird/messed up/disturbing/outrageous fetish porn. Mexico for the food. Canada for the people. Deutscheland uber alles. Niglets, piglets, and chicken nuggets with buffalo sauce. Bullwinkle. Redheads. Blowjobs. Fighter jets. Televised surgery. Shelter dogs. Apple-based confections. Water slides. Ninjas. Perfect pillows. Warmth. Chuck D. Truthiness. Rube Goldberg devices. Obstacle courses. War. Oblivion. Hydrogen. Stimulants. Love. Rock-hard erections. Basketfuls of puppies and teddy bears. Liquor and lots of it. Victims. Handi-snacks packs. Fruit roll-ups. Being sick and feeling miserable and staying home and watching The Price is Right. Ramen motherfuckin’ noodles. Cheese. Moving fast. Books worth eating. Becoming Supreme Allied Commander. Hugs. Utter fascination. Orgasmic detachment. McRib. Fluttershy. That bald guy with the glasses. Stupid people. Black people. NASA. Bagels with cream cheese. Fire. Discovering fun new orifices. Ice cream headaches brought on by cherry-flavored slushie beverages. Reframing. Brain-jerking.

  5. V3nD1:

    Yeah, some sleep would be nice.

  6. chelsea:

    breaking free of bulimia, anxiety, fear.
    taking control of my life

  7. Rachel:

    some sleep and money

  8. Heather:

    If my family actually got along and money for gas

  9. Courtney:

    Knowing what I wanted to change most in the world and what I wanted in life — and then doing it.

  10. Robert L:

    A good night sleep

  11. ankita:

    being who i am not afraid to be ffearless and not to care about what other people think to stop lettting other peoples thoughts control myl ife to just live

  12. pnog:

    having more friends with the same messed up work schedule as me so I could hang out with them during my non-working time.

  13. Camarodiva:

    If the man I loved loved me.

  14. Catherine:

    a life partner

  15. jw:

    If the girl I love loves me.

  16. Justin:

    If my family and I are financially stable

  17. curly:

    A veterinary medicine course to be available in my country’s university.

  18. Caitlyn:

    Being financially stable and being closer to my boyfriend, long-distance for almost 5 years sucks each and every day and I hate not being in the same area as him.

  19. Wesley:

    Having the ability\time to get more sleep.

  20. Kaycee:

    I would be 17, graduating highschool, planning my year of travel with my whole life ahead of me.
    I would kill to be there right now.

  21. Happiness comes and goes. That’s its nature. Joy is another story. It is a state of peace that is not affected by life circumstances. I could use a little more joy.

  22. vcm:

    who said happiness ever left your life? hmm…

  23. Hope:

    To know that as I grow into adulthood, my dreams of stories, science, and helping will come true, and as I pass along to eternal sleep I will know that I helped humanity along to the next evolutionary leap.

  24. tahi:

    doing something different like expanding humanity & peace all around the world.sometimes i think i need to immigrate to another country.everything sucks here 🙁

  25. Mac:

    If I put myself more out there for others. I hide too much.

  26. Leslie:

    Money would make me happier. Not because I can go out buy ie: two thousand dollar purses {purses at the bon ton, JC pennies or walmart hold my stuff just as good as a Louie Vaton} but not to go spend thousands and millions on material things. It would make me happy not have to decide to pay the electric bill or the gas bill this month . So the people that say money won’t make you happy… Um I say to them..”Yes money would make me happy happy”!!!!

  27. JakiChase:

    Um…happiness, for a start.

    Being able to be solitary for awhile so I can heal emotionally. It’s been a rough couple of years for me and I’m ready for a fresh start more than anything.

  28. Anna:

    a challenging career

  29. Debi:

    More peace and quiet!

  30. Missy G:

    A boy that wants and loves me not for my looks or money. Someone that I will never feel betrayed by!

  31. Rayton:

    Feeling totally comfortable with people and ahving someone I can share everything with.

  32. Evelyn:

    Studying what I really want to. With the approval of my dad.

  33. Danielle:

    Healthy, happy family and friend.

  34. Lauren:

    More grace to be patient with it….

  35. Hane:

    If he talks to me and explains everything that just happened.

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