Question 676

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45 Responses to “Question 676”

  1. Robert L:

    Your vision. To be able to see beautiful things.

  2. Heather:

    being able to think and decide on your own.

  3. Drew:


  4. m:

    sleep and life

  5. molly:

    lazy saturday mornings.

  6. Wesley:

    Watching the beautiful moon, amazing sunsets\sunrises, listening to waves.

  7. Doug:

    Air is nice. Water is, too. The amount of time you can do without something is inversely related to the ease with which you can find it for free, most of the time.

  8. Starry nights 🙂

  9. Rae:

    salvation through Jesus Christ

  10. Rob:

    The smell of a new morning

  11. Betty:

    The smell of snow coming.

  12. jw:

    Everything great is free.

  13. Donna:


  14. Richard:


  15. Zoey:

    Love,the real kind. The kind you get from your parents at birth,from Jesus before birth. Real love is free because it asks for nothing in return

  16. pnog:

    air to breathe. I hope it stays free. I fear one day it will not be so.

  17. vcm:


  18. Leila:


  19. divotfillerbre:

    breathing in unison with your lover.

  20. speakoutloud:


  21. tahi:

    life & nature, true love of our parents … so many things god granted to us.

  22. Trish:

    a cats purr, a lovers touch, a beautiful sunrise, all of nature….

  23. S:

    Sunshine 🙂

  24. ehsan:

    God’s grace.

  25. Leslie:

    My thoughts
    …I am free to think whatever I want to!

  26. Maria:


  27. erika:


  28. pat:

    something that u do and will make u happy without worry.

  29. Anna:

    your dreams

  30. Debi:

    Time for yourself!

  31. Rayton:


  32. Shazreen:


  33. HOPE! 😉

  34. Shannon:


  35. Evelyn:

    Volunteering. Showing your love.

  36. Danielle:


  37. Luke:


  38. raja:


  39. Heidi:

    Laughter, never suspend a moment of laughter, it’s good for your abs anyway 🙂

  40. Lauren:

    Everything we would need to create the world we wish we lived in….

  41. Me:

    nature 🙂

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