Question 679

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33 Responses to “Question 679”

  1. meh:


  2. m:

    tolerate ignorance and bullying..but it can tolerate a ton of sleep

  3. Heather:

    bullsh*t 🙂

  4. Shane:

    I said bullshit too. Awesome haha

  5. Angria:

    ignorance. apathy. dishonesty.

    But, I agree….bullshit sums it up pretty well too!

  6. complaining people… -_-“

  7. jw:


  8. Me:

    letting people talk ideas into your head that aren’t true. Never ever give up on what you believe!

  9. Trish:


  10. Grumpy people

  11. Cory:

    Religious people…Only the ones seeking converts..stay away.

  12. Catherine:

    silly people

  13. Rachel:

    people you don’t like

  14. Leslie:

    When I read this question my first thought was Bull-Sh!t… i see that is a popular answer. I will add worry what can’t be changed. MOVE ON!

  15. JakiChase:

    People who cause more pain than good in the world.

  16. Maria:

    People who´s not worth it and LIES!

  17. LulúM:

    people who don’t appreciate your presence

  18. Ann:

    a lack of gratitude…in myself. IN EVERYTHING give thanks…life is much different when living with a thankful heart…even when the yucky stuff hits…seeking out the tiniest of blessings in your circumstances can move you from despair to hope

  19. bsf:

    as many people have already said… life is too short to tolerate shit

  20. Dianne:

    Negative people!

  21. Anna:

    consumerism and social media

  22. Unhappiness!!!

  23. Rayton:

    abusive and limiting attitudes

  24. Shannon:

    Ignorance and stupidity

  25. Evelyn:

    Ignorance. In every way.

  26. Billy G:


  27. Danielle:

    Mean people. Liars. Anything negative in your life is your own fault. Just don’t have it! Just step away from it.

  28. Juliana:

    Things and people that don’t make you happy

  29. Heidi:

    one ply toilet paper…..honestly? is that necessary?

  30. Lauren:


  31. Melanie:


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