Question 34

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  1. when i was swimming, hiking, sitting in idle, lying in idle, relaxing in sauna room, stretching out, running along river bank, inhaling after a long drinking…
    in drops of moments i do notice many lovely details.
    and they are little funs that are lacing my life 🙂

  2. Umi:

    When I go to sleep every night… It helps to know that I’m still alive after all that I’ve been through, and when I remember that they said I wasn’t supposed to survive past the age of ten.

  3. Madrykson:

    Today, when I was driving home with a bad headache, telling myself that it’s not another aneurysm.

  4. Emily:

    I never realized how beautiful breathing was until he choked the breath right out of me. Now I listen to my breath all the time and remember what it means to survive, which is to know how strong I am.

  5. junior:

    I started taking Tai Chi and we begin each session with a little meditation. It gets so quiet that my breathing starts to sound really loud to me and I suspect I’m disturbing the others who are meditating!

  6. Abtin:

    Just now.

  7. Rich:

    Yesterday,after I got my first hearing aid.I was never so aware of my own breathing

  8. The Rev:

    Last night.

  9. Jake Belyeu:

    Two days ago when I was in a yoga class

  10. dan:


  11. Steven:

    The last time I was stressed

  12. Adel:

    Now. And every time I go to sleep. And every time I walk in the cold. And every time I spend energy. And every time I want to smell a nice scent.

  13. Krista:

    everytime i have a panic attack, i listen to my breathing to make sure my hearts still beating

  14. Katelyn:

    Every time I go running all I focus on is my breathing, the sound of the inhale and exhale as my feet pound against the pavement. As tiring as it is, it’s so peaceful.

  15. Kacie:

    This morning. Half asleep in bed, I was listening to it to calm myself from a bad dream.

  16. April:

    When I have anxiety attacks.

    I prefer laying my head on his chest and listening to his heart and hearing his soft breathing at the same time.

  17. Aimee:

    I don’t know. I feel my heart beat more often than I listen to my breath.

  18. Amanda:

    Sometimes I concentrate on my breathing to help me fall asleep at night

  19. dani:

    every night when im going to sleep.

  20. olga:

    when i meditate, which i really should do more often.

  21. Nick:

    When I was staring outside thinking about the things I’ve done and wishing one day I would fix myself.

  22. anon:

    Saturday, my athsma was flaring up.
    This photo is in NZ by the way, Rangitoto Island 🙂

  23. Alec:

    … when I visit my remote land in Colorado, turn the engine off… and hear nothing except a gentle wind and my own breath as it is being taken away due to the purity of my view. Embedded in this answer is another thought question: When was the last time that you heard absolutely no man-made noise… absolutely none?

  24. Michael Hitchcock:

    Just now. Before that, last night.

    But honestly, I like to breathe as slowly and silently as possible so that when I listen I hear nothing.

  25. Rowena:

    Every night before going to bed… it relaxes me… makes me realize that I’m still living…

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