Question 681

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  1. m:

    my sleep

  2. anon:

    my thoughts, my love.

  3. Leslie:

    My amazing wonderful family they are fantastic, beautiful ,loving people and they will always be mine!

  4. S:

    My memories.

  5. Wesley:

    I agree, memories. X years of compiled experiences mostly unique to me.

  6. Sandeep:

    My passion and love for music and dance….this world can destroy me, but it will never take that away from me.

  7. Rob:

    I’m the only thing that will always been mine. Harsh experience has taught me that nothing else is permanent in this life

  8. Heather:

    my memories are definitely mine forever. No one can have the same ones as me. They may have the same event, but never the same reaction, feeling, or meaning.

  9. Tessa:

    My memories!

  10. jw:

    My soul.

  11. Diane:

    my mind

  12. ankita:

    my mind<3

  13. Upamali:

    my memories

  14. different:

    well all my stuff is not permanent. someone can take it or it could burn down with my house or you know it could just get old and replaced. people die so that eliminates friends and family. you never know when your going to get sick so that eliminates good health. something could happen to where one of my limbs need to be cut off so my body may not always be mine. people go crazy so a sound mind is not an option and if i don’t keep refreshing my knowledge ill loose that too. what else? im forgetful so that’s already gone and for those who still have their memory just wait till you get old. im not old im in my 20’s. if i get in a coma then i wont have feelings. if i go to hell my soul will be destroyed. hmm now i am really wondering what will be mine forever??? the bible says everything on earth is temporary. i’ve always believed it and known it but i am just now realizing how true that is. i can not think of a single thing on earth including myself that will always be mine. i pray that none of the above happen to me or my stuff and i will think about this a few more days in search of a positive answer. if someone can think of something please let me know. by the way im a glass half full person. i am aware that this text can be seen as negative.

  15. Andrea:

    Nothing will always be yours.

    Including your body, mind, or your self-image.

    This is not negative — it is liberating. You cannot cling to anything in life, including your idea of who you think you are.

  16. Sarah:


  17. Ann:

    I am His and He is mine…nothing can ever take me from the arms of God. Nothing.

  18. Caine:

    my dreams

  19. Firefly:

    Caine got there first; my dreams. I dream what I whatever I want to and I it’s my personal thing. Like a wise man once said, “In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own” 😉 <3

  20. Anna:

    my greatest accomplishments

  21. Meghan:

    my words. even if i die, all of the notebooks and everything that i have written will still be there. and in the event those are somehow destroyed i have them online,safe. and in the minds of those who have heard me say anything worth remembering

  22. just_jess:

    my “carer” title. even though i am no longer a carer, i have been and this impacts on me, my life and so on. it is “lived experience” and no one can take that away from me.

  23. Liz:

    My dignity
    My memories

  24. tahi:

    my soul.

  25. Maggi:

    my sense of humor

  26. Rayton:

    My curiosity, it’s always been there, changing forms every once in a while, but overall it always accompanied me, and I know it will as well in the future.

  27. Shannon:

    My love

  28. Evelyn:

    My past.

  29. S:

    My horrible eyesight 🙁

  30. Danielle:

    My inner child. I’ll never let her go.
    I’ll never give up on the person I am. For nothing. For no one.

  31. UC_86:

    My salvation through Jesus Christ. 🙂

  32. Juliana:

    My positive attitude. I let someone take it from me in the past and NEVER will I again. With a positive attitude, everything becomes easier and in the sad moments you cheer up faster 🙂

  33. Lauren:

    My memories, my education….

  34. Hotchkiss:

    My family! I love them as much as they love me.

  35. Hane:

    My dreams

  36. Katie:

    My savior.

  37. hexmage:

    My poems.

  38. Marie:

    My crazy wild imagination!

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