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  1. Moe:


  2. Leena:

    Things beyond one’s reach. Things you can’t change, and have no control over.
    I think if it’s something you have even some control over, it can give you hope. Something you can possibly change. But with some things you can’t do anything about.. Those unhappy things can seem like theres no hope.

  3. yjayjay:

    backstabbing friends

  4. Heather:

    indecisiveness. (if thats even a word)….I know that makes me unhappy.

  5. m:

    not getting enough sleep, and just not knowing what to do with your life

  6. dada:

    not being able to feel contented!

  7. S:


  8. Drew:

    For me, loneliness. For other people, mostly themselves.

    I’d just like to have some sort of support group, if I did I’d be much happier.

  9. kp:

    unrealistic expectations from others. Hold high expectations for yourself, but do not be so demanding of others.

  10. Blink:

    Not accepting yourself or life as it is. Happiness is about mental attitude and perspective.

  11. Sandeep:

    Perception, I believe is one of the main common causes of unhappiness. Changing that can create wonders. Mostly we all look for someone who can help us “change” that perception. The way we view the world and ourselves, the way we define happiness,love and other emotions. We all have what it takes to change that perception but we could always use a little hand, especially during our weak moments.

  12. Johnny:

    Not getting what you want and things that are beyond your control.

  13. jw:

    Not knowing where to go and what to do.

  14. Andrea:


  15. Rob:

    Inner struggles.

  16. V3nD1:

    High fuc*ing expectations.

  17. Robert L:

    Broken hearts

  18. Annabelle:

    I agree with Leena… believing you can’t, or not being able to get what you desire most… helplessness!

  19. Monica:


  20. pnog:

    focusing too much on expectations / desires. As one of my books says: want everything, need nothing. pursue every goal with the mindset that you won’t be upset if you can’t obtain them, instead enjoy the journey and just move on to the next goal.

  21. Amy:

    unreciprocated love

  22. Ann:

    comparing yourself to others. anchoring your worth or value in your job, your relationships, your stuff, your accomplishments, your intelligence, your beauty…one day all of these will fail or disappoint you. true joy is only found in a relationship with the One who never leaves or forsakes you.

  23. Anna:

    bad self-esteem

  24. Reza:

    knowing where you want to go but not acting on it.

  25. Wesley:

    Not meeting one’s goals, whatever they may be.

  26. Sandy:

    fear and apathy, fear to take the next step and recognise an opportunity for what it is, and apathy, because sometimes it is just too comfortable in our space, even if it isn’t…if you know what I mean?

  27. Liz:

    feeling unloved
    low self esteem

  28. Kawwww:


  29. tahi:


  30. El Bee:

    A common cause of unhappiness is the choice to be unhappy. We are responsible for our own happiness…not someone or something. People and circumstances can make us unhappy but whether to remain in a state of unhappiness is a choice.

  31. Ann:


  32. Rayton:

    NOt appreciating what one has and instead look for ways to gain more.

  33. Neicy:

    Doubt and worrying about uncertainty

  34. Ria:

    Lack of gratitude and appreciation.

  35. Shannon:

    Thinking too much and causing a problem that wasn’t there in the first place.

  36. Evelyn:

    Not being able to show our feelings.

  37. Courtney:

    Indecision and fear

  38. LulĂșM:

    Haven’t been able to keep a romantic relationship in my entire life, the fact that no one have loved me (from the opposite sex I mean)

  39. Gtmogal:

    The desire for instant gratification that is so often seen in the youth and young adults of today.

  40. Danielle:

    Not accepting the things you can’t change. Not going for what you want. Sticking to a formula out of routine even though it’s dragging you down.

  41. amy:


  42. Luke:


  43. raja:


  44. Moni:


  45. Lauren:

    Not believing we deserve not to be…

  46. Hane:


  47. Katie:

    An inability to surrender.

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