Question 684

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35 Responses to “Question 684”

  1. jw:

    I become strong.

  2. annie:

    im in love

  3. AM:

    How I feel.

  4. Heather:

    I find out where I want to go and what I want to do.

  5. m:

    i get more sleep…i find someone that i love and they love me for who i am and i love them for who they are.

  6. emj:

    To have someone I can fall in love with, who will love me in return and won’t let their fears get the better of them.

  7. Leila:

    be married to the man i love. <3

  8. Blink:

    I’ll have a part time job, and I’ll know whether I get onto a different uni course.

  9. Rob:

    I hope I’m debt free so I have more ability to travel

  10. Wesley:

    This time next year I hope to be in my last semester of college, and with another year of amazing memories with my girlfriend.

  11. emk:

    I hope to be a better wife and more in love with my husband than ever before.

  12. john:

    more simplicity

  13. Anna:

    i hope to have started on the path towards becoming a middle school teacher

  14. Z:

    to be in a strong and helthy passionate relashinship

  15. awkward101:

    I’ll successfully be getting a tampon in.. O0
    O <— fucking squidward face.

  16. ankita:

    i am succesfully known for my music,fashion and arts:)

  17. Danielle:

    That I’ll have my first full time nursing job in a place that I love working, and that I’ll have my own car and a dog.

  18. Rikki:

    my weight. hope to lose some. ~_~

  19. pnog:

    That I’ll have a job with some future prospects. It doesn’t need to be a dream job but, more long term / future- oriented than the one I have now.

  20. Sandy:

    On a new career path, 20 years of nursing and 10 years of teaching just haven’t done it for me. Still time for a new career eh?

  21. Mike G:

    No remission of cancer. Lymphedema under control. No sign of infection in my leg. Able to get back to work with limited restrictions.

  22. Liz:

    To have overcome current obstacles and to have inner peace

  23. Griffin:

    I hope to feel more awake and alive to the world around me

  24. tahi:

    i hope to find a different job, which really makes me happy.

  25. I want to know myself and my surroundings better.

  26. Alicia:

    To have a clearer idea of what to do after graduation, working experience in my field, and to have another year’s worth of memories with beautiful boyfriend <3

  27. Rayton:

    To be certain of the place I’m in right now and then, and to truly appreciate every moment of it.

  28. Evelyn:

    Beeing able to show my appreciation and love to others.

  29. Courtney:

    Just knowing what I want in life and being on my getting there.

  30. Becca:

    To not be alone, to be moving forward in life

  31. Danielle:

    Moving forward. Working hard, making money, having great friends, being a great friend.

    Family. Family. Family. It’s all about family.

  32. Rina:

    I want to achieve happiness with myself and my life.

  33. Moni:

    I hope I will be less stressed & more outgoing.

  34. Lauren:

    Everything and nothing, all at the same time….

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