Question 686

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  1. m: feelings

  2. Angria:

    My relationships with people. The reasoning behind my actions.

  3. jw:

    My love to some people.

  4. MY children. I love them but they do not remember, because their dad has convinced them so fully of how evil I am and that I am plotting ways to get revenge on their dad. I have no such thought or plan. I pray for them each day and my thoughts are never far from them.

  5. Drew:

    The plan I have for everything.

  6. Heather:


  7. Liz:

    My needs, my dreams, my fears

  8. tahi:

    human rights which is ignored by governments around the world,also in my country.I really think about it and it hurts.

  9. Leila:

    how God has changed me..mostly because I dont want people to know how far I have fallen

  10. Julie Takase:

    how much i have changed.

  11. Tessa:

    How much my family means to me <3

  12. Mike G:


  13. Sex. Sex is one of those topics that is so often talked about. I have a strong view about sex, but I never talk about it.

  14. pnog:

    philosophy. I don’t have nearly as much philosophical talks as I used to have. I want to have more but most of my friends aren’t interested and others can’t speak English well enough to hold that type of conversation. (or I guess rather, my Japanese is too poor to hold it).

  15. Alicia:

    Philosophy, writing, art, people I care about, human rights

  16. Alicia:

    School/education, my job

  17. S:

    my child abuse…

  18. erika:

    my honest opinion of things

  19. notfornothing:

    what in the WORLD im going to do with my future. i have no plans, and it scares me so bad i can’t talk about it

  20. Robert L:

    How i really feel…

  21. JL:

    The importance of physical attraction in a mate…. what can I say, I was brought up catholic.

  22. Ann:

    I wish I could meet my Dad.

  23. Neicy:

    My past. Some people know but living with anxiety for as many years as I did and the reasons I had my disorder still effect me. I wish I wasnt afraid to tell people its why I’m quiet. I’m scared, not a bitch.

  24. Rayton:

    how I want to change and to what

  25. Ria:

    My faith.

  26. Shannon:

    What I would do for the ones I love.

  27. Evelyn:

    My dad.

  28. Courtney:

    the way people treat me

  29. Jen:

    How much I really do care

  30. LulĂșM:

    The absent brother I once had, his condition and the fact that it still hurts everytime I think of him leaving for good.

  31. Jess:

    the hurt I felt when I realized for the first time in my life that people were human, they would mess up, and they would most definitely crush my heart sometimes.

  32. S:

    How much I want to change who I am, just be a better person.

  33. Kevin:

    The real me, the serious me……the me I keep hidden from view.

  34. Pia:

    my difficult childhood….

  35. Danielle:

    My brother. Family. True friendship. Trust.

    Not knowing what I want to do. I just don’t know.

  36. Luke:


  37. Jason B:

    religious views and love

  38. Lauren:

    How much I feel the suffering of those around me., and I silently suffer in pain with them….

  39. Lauren:

    What I have become, what I deserve and what I would love to have another see that I already have….
    So far, no one… I’m okay with that. I wanted to be everything I as born to be, though it would be bliss to have another reflect that, the mirror will do. Many loves, no one who truly sees what love I have found… alone.

  40. GBJoker:

    My being transgendered and bisexual. No one wants to talk about it.

  41. Hane:

    My being bisexual

  42. MrSexobeat:

    The fact that I always wanted a normal life , as a normal kid-teenager , no one knows it … I have to pretend that I like it , without complains or excuses about my needs.

  43. Love Story:

    Love Story..
    Also MY Love Story..

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