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  1. m:

    sleep…believe in themselves.

  2. Neesha:

    Do something nice for someone else. It’s so easy to get caught up in everyday life, that it’s easy to forget that doing something simple for a stranger or a friend can light up their day. With that one good deed, you can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world (I, of course, got that from Marc and Angel’s blog).

  3. Anna:

    Sit and do nothing. We live in a society that is always pushing for more. Sometimes, we need to do nothing. It’s good for our mental stability.

  4. notfornothing:

    take the time to appreciate their friends. nothing could be more important than the people that you choose to spend your life with

  5. Liz:

    Laugh – good for the soul
    Give more/reach out to others

  6. Blink:

    – Watch a sunset more
    – Give a compliment to a stranger
    – Sit somewhere quietly and just…be. Calm, still.

  7. S:

    Smile 🙂

  8. Inge:

    Meditate. Walk in the forests. Smile. Care.

  9. tahi:

    bringing happiness & peace to others. helping each other. think about the nature and how to protect it.

  10. V3nD1:

    Play sports, exercise, think, evolve.

  11. Julie Takase:

    appreciate everything

  12. pnog:

    I like the sit and do nothing.
    To add an original one, do something that scares you / challenges you / is outside of your comfort zone.

  13. bsf:

    stop what they’re doing and be happy. be happy for who you are and what you have and forget about all the worries you have. even if it’s just for a few minutes.

  14. Be grateful for all the things you have.

    Be kind to yourself and others.

    Do not take people for granted.

  15. anna:

    Read more books.

  16. Robert L:

    Have faith

  17. Robert L:

    Have faith in whts important

  18. Leena:

    Dance. Smile. Love. Laugh. Travel. Appreciate. Meditate. Be silly. 🙂

  19. Smile. Everyday.

  20. Shazreen:

    Acts of kindness to strangers, to families and friends.

  21. Heather:

    Show somebody I care by asking how they are doing. Not just the “Hey how’s it going?” but the “How are you lately? I mean really?” It could make a person’s day to be able to get something off their shoulders.

  22. Alicia:

    Take a quiet walk, help someone else, show someone you care

  23. erika:


  24. Danielle:

    Laugh, smile, have fun, don’t stress

  25. Ann:

    Take naps.

  26. Esref:

    Don’t stress , be free

  27. Neicy:

    Laugh, love, and rest

  28. Unbelievaburgers:


  29. Wesley:

    smile, they’re contagious …only if real though 🙂

  30. Shannon:


  31. Evelyn:

    Freeing themselves from boundaries.

  32. krishna:

    Give Money to me…
    Did i make u smile? that’s what one should do…

  33. Lazlo:

    Enjoy the silence.

  34. Pamela:

    This will sound silly, but I think everyone should stop, close their eyes, tilt their head back and smile at the sun.

  35. be quiet

  36. Danielle:

    Laugh. Like a really good dirty laugh! With tears! They’re hard to come by but if you could buy that kind of happiness in a bottle i’d have a lifetime supply!

  37. Courtney:

    Do something completely random or crazy.
    Something they wouldn’t usually do.

  38. UC_86:

    Tell people that they care about that they love them. Not necessarily just your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend…but parents, siblings, best friends…those that matter to you. If you sincerely feel it…say it. Life is short…you never know if you’ll get another opportunity.

    An anecdotal story that brought that point home to me had to do with a man that was at his wife’s funeral. He was visibly distraught, and kept repeating, “I loved her so!” Their adult children were nearby, trying to console him. Sobbing, he flung himself at her casket and cried, “I LOVED HER SO!!!” The kids gently pulled their father away, saying that they understood he loved her. “But you don’t understand”, he sobbed. “I never told her!”

    After reading that story a few years ago, I determined to say, “I love you” to those for whom I cared. I said it, long-distance, to one (adult) brother. He stammered, stumbled, and said, “Well…I love you, too!” He now says it to me. Another (adult) brother told me, “I can’t say that to you yet. It’s not that I don’t feel that way…I just have a hard time saying it.” He now says it, also. Both of my sisters say it…as do my children.

    Say it. Before it’s too late.

  39. Lauren:

    Laugh, Love, Learn, Live….

  40. Melanie:

    Smile. 🙂

  41. Hane:


  42. Katie:


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