Question 688

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37 Responses to “Question 688”

  1. jessie:


  2. Angria:

    It doesn’t need words.

  3. m:

    i just need some sleep..i’d probably describe it as it has it’s ups and downs and i don’t like her sometimes bc she’s so opinionated but without her i’d be nothing.

  4. Drew:

    Angria, ditto.

  5. jw:

    We are brothers to each other.

  6. Blink:


  7. To grow up together,and become better and better:)

  8. Heather:

    Even better I could sum it up in one word. Simple.

  9. ankita:

    both like sisters,yet sometimees so far apart:)

  10. CG:

    She’s the sister I chose.

  11. erika:

    sisterly. :] she’s been there for me since forever ago.

  12. notfornothing:


  13. Debi:

    We haven’t seen each other for years, but when we’re talking on the phone, it’s like we know each other’s thoughts.

  14. pnog:

    Despite being very different, we’re the same where it matters.

  15. Robert L:

    We are one in the same yet completely different

  16. mandy:

    The world becomes a more happier and fun place when she is with me !

  17. sasha:

    -we’re there for each other.

  18. Meghan:

    We barely get to see or talk to each other, and less now that she has a boyfriend.

  19. Rob:

    Either of us would do anything for the other in a time of need. I have 3 or 4 such people to tell the truth

  20. Neicy:

    Chrissy- Full of love and anger, but the anger is always out of love.
    Amy- Weird and complicated yet always making sence in the end.

  21. m:

    What best friend?

  22. Danni:

    Like two people with one brain

  23. Wesley:

    I don’t know how I could describe our relationship in one sentence. …<3

  24. Shannon:

    One soul occupying two bodies.

  25. Courtney:

    Elementary, my dear Watson

  26. Evelyne:

    Rox: 64 reasons why! Expending my horizons ^^
    Rousse: Cooking! I created her.
    Lau: FightClub! Cosmic sisters.

  27. S:

    Verbally abusive and full of love 🙂

  28. anon:

    We are honest, even when it might hurt us a little, in the end we let it make us stronger.

  29. Lazlo:

    One word: uncomplicated.

  30. Rayton:

    It is a strong, faithful and caring relationship where I just feel comfortable as I am, no matter what happens.

  31. Firefly:

    Blood couldn’t make us any closer.

  32. Schlomo:

    We haven’t talked for days even though I sit behind her in my trig class.

  33. Danielle:

    I don’t have a best friend. My brother is the closest person to me so he’s like a best friend.

  34. just_jess:

    amazing, awesome, strong and steadfast.

  35. Iz:


  36. Lauren:

    Sincere, sarcastic, supportive, selective and simply satisfying….

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