Question 692

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27 Responses to “Question 692”

  1. m:

    getting more sleep..just watching myself grow

  2. Kat:

    Getting the strength to stop hurting myself in a multitude of ways..

  3. Heather:

    my dog

  4. Starting to watch Doctor Who… sometimes fiction gives a better impression of humanity than real life

  5. Robert L:

    A year is a long time…i cant choose just one thing that made my life better… There are far too many (:

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  7. Debbie:

    Love: my loving boyfriend!

  8. pnog:

    Moving to a new country.

  9. Lulรบ:

    Finding a new job, even with better benefits than the one a got sacked from a year before that!

  10. jw:

    I couldn’t remember anything.

  11. dada:

    being able to love again … (I have been hurt again too, but who care’s -I’ve been waiting to be able to love again for 4 years)

  12. Bluejay:

    Last year gave me a chance this year to correct all those things I made a mess of, an opportunity to make right this year.

  13. Cheetah:

    I joined my school’s Winter Guard team. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  14. Pamela:

    I said to someone I was in love with “I love you”
    and they said it back.

  15. S:

    Finding a best friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Niv:

    Shaheen ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. ann:

    i found myself (:

  18. karen:

    i foun that there is a hope for all this system of unfair life. i met God.

  19. Rayton:

    I began loving myself more than ever

  20. Neicy:

    I found religion =)

  21. Danielle:

    Got a job. Grew up and got more independent. Amazing people I have in my life. I’m more me than I was the year before.

  22. DC:

    Marrying my best friend, she is an amazing person.

  23. Lauren:

    I got a second chance at the life I was born to lead….

  24. Lauren:

    Everything became clear… then came the harsh taste of the work ahead of me…

  25. Me:

    My blog – I started writing , something that I wanted to do since long

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