Question 693

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40 Responses to “Question 693”

  1. Angria:

    meeting my teacher

  2. Christina:

    my religion

  3. m:


  4. Lulú:

    My Sister Ana, who has been my sister, my mother and my best friend

  5. VickiB:

    My husband. It would not be better. I would be a lot different.

  6. Elize:

    The oppertunity to travel

  7. Inge:

    Without my past. Although I used to hate my past and still do, sometimes, it has made me and my life just like it is now. And I’m thankful for that.

  8. Lazlo:

    My children… sometimes I think they’ve taught me more than I’ve taught them.

  9. Alicia:

    Inge–your response is very provocative. Thanks for making me think.

    Life would be a lot different without meeting him. He made me start writing again, drawing again, reading again, smiling again-and that has helped me more than I can say.

  10. Leila:


  11. Rachel:

    my best friend and the opportunity to travel

  12. Heather:

    my non-family who treat my as though I am one of them. They took me in when there was nowhere else to go.

  13. Fear

  14. Robert L:

    The past

  15. kids

  16. Firefly:


  17. Wesley:

    Two friends.
    One is my soulmate, I don’t know what I’d do without her as she puts a smile on my face everyday, and reminds me why I’m fighting for a college degree. The other is a friend I met freshman year of high school. Without him I really don’t know where I’d be. I doubt I would have made it far enough to meet her. He showed my what I wanted and encouraged me to push to get it without even knowing it.

  18. ubbrellagirl:

    my identical twin, she’s currently living in France wile I’m still here and 8hours behind her were young and never have spent much more than 72 hours apart or with out a two hour phone call now I speek to her every few days and for only a few minutes. I once missed her call and spent the day on my knees crying I miss her and I’m counting the days until she’s home seeing my self in this way has made me relise I could not live long without her she’s the only one who gets me and makes me a complete person

  19. savannah:

    being hopelessly attatched to my boyfriend. too many problems.

  20. rob:

    my penis

  21. anna:


  22. Tony:

    freedom with out it i feel as if there would b no point in going on. If your not free your not living your its life to fullest

  23. Tony:

    to its fullest excuse my grammer 🙂

  24. Pia:

    having to deal with an alcoholic parent….

  25. i think we need to be more grateful for whatever we got.

  26. Michelle:


  27. Sadies (From Ohio, USA):

    Everything I’ve been through.

  28. Schlomo:

    My online friend from Australia. My best friend from school who currently has no plans to stay friends after graduation.

  29. Danielle:

    The support i’ve had growing up. All the bad decisions i’ve made. The true friends. The not so true friends.

  30. lulu:

    life would be different without my family and my friends, and my faith

  31. UC_86:


  32. UNC_12:

    The Robertson Scholars program, Caitlin, insights from travel

  33. Lauren:

    The people in it….

  34. Lauren:

    Haters… Doubters…. Those who ask for hope when it is convenient, not when it requires work and sacrifice,,,,

  35. Me:

    my dreams – they are my only hope to survive for a better tomorrow.

  36. Joey:

    christina, not sure if i would skip all that shit again, it defiantly changed who i am

  37. hexmage:

    My father-or lack thereof.

  38. Joleen:

    the troubles I went in and came out as a different person.

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