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  1. jw:

    I was still a kid studying hard.

  2. m:

    sleeping..well considering i was only 5 it was pretty good.. studying hard in kindergarten passing those tests.. trying to make a life of myself ya know how it is

  3. Michel:

    was with my ex, mother of my 2 kids before she left with her drug dealer

  4. Leena:

    It was my fifth birthday πŸ™‚

  5. Kat:

    Easy and cheerful i was 8 and just enjoying life, wish I could go back to that time πŸ™‚

  6. reina irena:

    first year student away from home. heavy winter. I was 17. good times.
    long road I’ve walked since then. love those past 10 years! πŸ™‚

  7. Elize:

    So different. I moved to the Netherlands in October 2001 .. I was trying to figure out if I want to stay or not.

  8. Rob:

    I was working in a job I hated, barely making my payments on the few things I did own. All I thought about was how to get ahead, to get more. Now I think about how to have less, and therefore more life

  9. LulΓΊM:

    Very focussed on other peoples’s needs, finally I’m starting to do what I love and what I want, took me 10 years to realize it but now I’m 100% on it! Very happy!

  10. Heather:

    very dark and lonely. it was a very sad time in my life. I thank God for all my friends who helped me through.

  11. Blink:

    I was struggling with every aspect of life. To look back now is amazing, I never thought I’d be here

  12. Wesley:

    So different. I was a freshman in high school. Very shy, and with no idea what I wanted to do in life.

  13. dada:

    hm, I was 28 … in love thinking it is forever (it wasn’t, still looking and hopeing), travelling a lot (still do and I am loving it), working (still do – thats great considering that here is 350 000 people withought job), dreamming about my own apartment (having one and it is perfect)…

  14. Danni:

    I was 7, trying to save up to buy a horse and waiting for spring so I could go on my first trail ride.
    Now I work at that stable and have an appaloosa/Qh and an arabian.

  15. I was choosing to end a career that had been sucking the life out of me for years and joining my husband in our brand new real estate business. Both leaving jobs with benefits, a company car, health insurance etc and going into an unknown world of no guarantees, 100% commission, no benefits at all except owning our own business. The belief in our dreams overrode the fears. We also did this in our late 30’s when no one thought you CHANGED careers. Today we are leaders in our field, live happy fulfilled lives and make more money and have a happier life than if we had stayed where we were out of fear.

  16. Pia:

    Chaotic. I was making a TON of money, but wasn’t happy. Didn’t understand what life was really about. I’ve simplified and finally found PEACE!

  17. I was getting ready to have my son!!! πŸ™‚

  18. Michelle:

    Crazy, mad and complicated.It was chaos and I don’t like to think about it

  19. Amaka:

    I was engaged to the love of my life. I lived a much simpler life then.

  20. Debi:

    I was unaware that in a matter of months I would be raising my Grandson… Now i have both my grandchildren to raise. My time is occupied now with them, and I love them so much!

  21. Lazlo:

    I was living with the woman I would marry six years later, and lost my job.

  22. Billy G:

    Ten years ago, I had a high paying job, a happy wife, two wonderful and grown children (one still in college), a house and a dog. I had lots of debt, no real fears about retirement or health issues – so that means I was delusional about my future. And, I was dumb but happy!

  23. sasha:

    -i was nine, i was happy then. nothing had happened yet that left me scarred. but i still was the same person on the inside.

  24. Neicy:

    I was 10 years old and going through the worst time in my life. My dad was a raging alcholic, waking me up every night as he screamed at my mom ranting about his life. I became suicidal and was self harming. I wrote my first will because i didnt see myself living past middle school.
    Its weird to think that was 10 years ago. I’m still so young and I went through a world a trouble before I even knew what trouble really was.

  25. BluPanther:

    Miserable. I was in a verbally and occasionally physically abusive relationship that had my hair falling out, me losing and gaining weight sporadically, and very depressed. I love where I am now. I ‘sparkle’ is what my friends say. I am deliriously happy and love every minute of every day. I would not trade it for the world!

  26. Shortly and Simply put : MESSY

    But I am glad today things have changed for better and that one incident that happened 10 years ago, though a horrible one is responsible for making me what I am today and I am glad at what I am today. I smile when I face myself everyday in the mirror today which was not possible at that time. πŸ™‚

  27. Danielle:

    I was very quiet. I had the same close friends. I loved school. Things actually started to change in all areas the year after.

  28. Fiona:

    I was in the first grade. Very little actually mattered, and I didn’t feel guilty about anything I thought, and people didn’t have motives yet. I’ll never know if I was actually happier, but I was definitely more at ease and only cared about or needed to have fun.

  29. yvette:

    10 years ago: working my first production job; preparing for the end of one chapter and a move (back) to nyc

    20 year ago: nyc – job hunting + apartment hunting = visiting hawaii and accidentally staying for 10 years.

  30. Luke:

    Naive and Cheerful

  31. Bk:

    In love! Preparing for my wedding

  32. Debbie:

    I was 12, allmost 13 at the time: my only worries at the time were my grades πŸ™‚ (they were great btw)

  33. Lauren:

    Completely different….

  34. Me:

    Complicated, seemed like I am heading towards a dead end through a tunnel where there were no lights at all. I am glad I found my way out of that tunnel somehow and managed to reach where I am today

  35. Melanie:

    I was 10 so basically life was a lot more simple than it is now.

  36. Kendall:

    I was eight years old and playing imaginary games of knights and queens, sword fighting with sticks and not realizing that one day it would end. Now I am preparing for college and I would give anything to have that innocence back.

  37. Julia:

    Young, carefree and fun.

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